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Albany Senate Leadership Events

The Best State Senator

In Memory Of Thomas Morahan

Before Thomas Morahan passed away, I received a letter addressed from him dated May 7, 2010, mention of Lower Hudson Valley residents concerned about the process of policy formation. We also question the timely manner of forming a consensus as to who is the head of the New York State Senate. So what occurred at that time was that the NY State Senate was the focus of attention,during which time upper chamber of the legislature was in question. On June 8, 2009 Minority lawmakers joined two majority Senators to elect a new Senate Majority Leader in hopes that they will follow a different path then the previous leader from Jan to June of 2009. Promises included a legislative body with more openness, accountability, and transparency.Thomas Morahan objected to (raising taxes, cuts to health and unaccountable allocations of Fed Stimulus Monies, along with post budget adoption of the MTA payroll tax. On June 8th a new bipartisan coalition passed new rules for the senate to create an open bipartisan, transparent and member driven body. After weeks of dispute it was resolved and some new rule changes were adopted to permit greater openness and accessibility in the Chamber.

So, In Memory of a great State Senator Thomas Morahan,a man who has done so much for us, as a Senator. We need more honest people like him.


Drinking And Driving: Is it really worth you and your children’s lives

Read The Sign, Really Read it

Read The Sign, Really Read it

I happened to watch this movie called (Crossroads; A Story Of Forgiveness) Inspired by true events. Where teen racing kills wife and child. Also, I want to mention the story of Actor Paul Walker. These are very sad stories. So I want to say this: if you don’t value your own life, then at least value your kids lives, because they should not have to pay the price for mistakes made by adults and teens. Grownups are supposed to teach their children, the difference between right and wrong. So; if you think about it this way. Children see and adult do something they’re  not supposed to do, then they will think that it’s OK  for them to. I have seen many parents do that.

So basically if you want your children to learn from right and wrong, then don’t do something that you don’t want your kids to do. Because children will follow your lead and will not think twice about it until after the tragic results.

This also goes for talking on cell phones while driving to, because it only takes a split second with your eyes off the road to cause a serious accident.

These are statistics of accidents by Motor Vehicles. Check out the website  


Table 1103. Motor Vehicle Accidents—Number and Deaths: 1990 to 2009
[11.5 represents 11,500,000]
Item Unit 1990 1995 2000 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Motor vehicle accidents 1
. . . . . . . . . . . . Million . . . 11.5 10.7 13.4 10.9 10.7 10.4 10.6 10.2 10.8  See more on this website
Motor vehicle deaths within 1 yr. 2
. . . . . 1,000 . . . . 46.8 43.4 43.4 44.9 45.3 45.3 43.9 39.7 35.9

I want to say that these statistics are way to high.

USA Weekend Paper: In The Journal News Local Paper

I found some interesting articles in this paper. I thought I would share  with everyone, because there are some great tips in here on different things.

1.   5 tips on how to be gorgeous for less $$$ Pad time between your hair appointments (3 times a year, or have an assistant trim your hair at your own risk !!!!

Skip shampooing, or blow drying your hair.

Go off hours – usually they have better prices on certain days, or training sessions (at your own risk).

Don’t color so much  – Only do it a couple of times a year, it’s less expensive.

Grow longer hair, you tend to have to cut short hair more than you do if your hair was longer. Ask your hairdresser. This article was Written By Michelle Meyer.

2.   Little time to work out? You can still stay trim.

Keep eating. Do not skip meals, like me. I tend to do it because of the pain, or I just don’t feel hungry.

No breakfast is the worst breakfast, which I cannot do breakfast to early. I like to eat at around 10-11 AM and have like either toast or cereal.

If it grows on a tree, eat it. When in doubt reach for something that grows on trees. Article Written By McKenna Grant.

3.   Apps can make your life easier.

Remember the Milk app creates master to-do lists, sets reminders, sorts tasks by due date, works with Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile (free).

Get a handle on your budget –  Lemon app scans and catalogs receipts, (where and when you spend money, can organize by chart, based on retailer works with Android, and iPhone (free).

Get a human on the line The Fast Customer app –  The answer to getting stuck pushing all those keypad entries to get a live person on the phone, you select a company, enter their contact #, and a rep will call you. (works with Android, and iPhone (free). Article Written By McKenna Grant.

4.   Go Wild! Go Native!  This one I thought was really interesting, because, no one likes pesky animals and insects in their garden. Well, today we’re going to learn something new about gardening and those pesky animals and insects. So get ready, and ill be back in 5, I have to take a little break. Have some tea and biscuits. LOL. So according to this article, animals, insects, birds, and  squirrels are actually good for your garden. According to what they are saying: Is that a garden that supports wildlife, such as insects, rodents, frogs, lizards and birds. This can be a win win  for you and the animals. She states that, “We’re missing out on the natural piece of life.” She states the key; Is to use native plants to meet the animals needs where they need sunshine to, so keep a nice open area in a sunny spot. She also says, that Cluster trees and large shrubs in layers for nesting and hiding, and water an area of your yard that puddles up perfect for birds and butterflies. The best part is you don’t clean up much because leaf litter is perfect for insects. But as far as deer and rabbits go, the only way they will stay away is if you have plants that are highly scented and fuzzy. But she does say that in the end you will lose some plants. Article Written By Molly Lyons.

Apps for digital green thumbs Field guides from Audubon, about trees, wildflowers, birds, butterflies and more… (9.99 and up).

Leafsnap – developed by Columbia University, University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institute. Where you are able to name any tree by a photograph of their leaves (free).

Garden Design With Jamie Durie – Plant Finder Database, (2.99 and up).   

Don’t Throw Books Out, Donate Them To The Poor!

I see a lot of people through books out, when there is nothing wrong the books. I believe that instead of throwing them out the should give them to the poor children, who are in desperate need of books.

Wall Of Honor: For Our Troops Who Serve Our Country, And For Those Who Died For Our Country

I decided to start this wall in honor of our troops, who serve our country, and for who died for our country to. So if anyone would like to sign this wall for the troops, please feel free to do so. Thank You.

Publicize Crash Course: LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path

Publicize Crash Course: LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path.

Check This Out!

Water dropping from a tap.

Water dropping from a tap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all I don’t know how she thinks that water is a public right to steal it. Water is free when it is in its natural habitat, then they take it, bottle it, and sell for more than it is worth (free). Secondly, I don’t know how she thinks that water will fill back up naturally by itself, when, even as much rain that we have had the streams and rivers are still either dry, or low, and even the lakes are losing water to. Is this what they literally call corporate greed. We can buy a Brita water filter and put water in it and it costs less than what we pay to buy a bottle of water, and makes for less garbage to. Then she says that she is paying all these costs to distribute the water to sell, when in fact the water is still free no matter how you look at it. So basically we are paying almost the same amount that she states they pay to bottle the water at 3.71 cents. Now how do we see this as either being fair or good. They keep doing this and there will not be any water left at all, and wont need to worry about production, storage and any other cost for them to distribute water. Tap water is free, all you have to do is pay your water bill. So, to figure in the cost of a bottle of water, take the price of the water and add that to equal your water bill and see how many bottles of water you get compared to free tap water. So, for example a big bottle of water here is anywhere from $1.49-$2.00 and a small bottle is $.99 cents plus tax depending on whether they have it on sale. So let’s take 1.49 cents and I will use an example of my water bill which is usually 12$- 20$ every 3 months, depending. So how many bottles would you have bought in 3 months compared to having your free water at home and only paying to use it every 3 months when the water bill comes in. Now, at least here where I live it is every 3 months.

So Nestle, all I have to say is no matter what you say or how you say it, it all boils down to that drinking tap water is a lot cheaper than buying water that is free until you steal it and sell it for more than it is worth.

I will say one thing, you go girl, she is one tough cookie this girl, who did the interview . Maybe if we stop buying the water, they might think twice about stealing it, and selling it. By the way, I want to leave you with this little tidbit for Nestle. Now she mentioned in the interview about recycling the bottles.  Well, the only recycling most people do, is throwing their bottles on the ground instead of the garbage, so you are not only trying to promote water, you are definitely promoting littering while you’re at it.

I told you, I shouldn’t have gotten started on this conversation, because I will speak my mind.

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