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Albany Senate Leadership Events

The Best State Senator

In Memory Of Thomas Morahan

Before Thomas Morahan passed away, I received a letter addressed from him dated May 7, 2010, mention of Lower Hudson Valley residents concerned about the process of policy formation. We also question the timely manner of forming a consensus as to who is the head of the New York State Senate. So what occurred at that time was that the NY State Senate was the focus of attention,during which time upper chamber of the legislature was in question. On June 8, 2009 Minority lawmakers joined two majority Senators to elect a new Senate Majority Leader in hopes that they will follow a different path then the previous leader from Jan to June of 2009. Promises included a legislative body with more openness, accountability, and transparency.Thomas Morahan objected to (raising taxes, cuts to health and unaccountable allocations of Fed Stimulus Monies, along with post budget adoption of the MTA payroll tax. On June 8th a new bipartisan coalition passed new rules for the senate to create an open bipartisan, transparent and member driven body. After weeks of dispute it was resolved and some new rule changes were adopted to permit greater openness and accessibility in the Chamber.

So, In Memory of a great State Senator Thomas Morahan,a man who has done so much for us, as a Senator. We need more honest people like him.

Drinking And Driving: Is it really worth you and your children’s lives

Read The Sign, Really Read it

Read The Sign, Really Read it

I happened to watch this movie called (Crossroads; A Story Of Forgiveness) Inspired by true events. Where teen racing kills wife and child. Also, I want to mention the story of Actor Paul Walker. These are very sad stories. So I want to say this: if you don’t value your own life, then at least value your kids lives, because they should not have to pay the price for mistakes made by adults and teens. Grownups are supposed to teach their children, the difference between right and wrong. So; if you think about it this way. Children see and adult do something they’re  not supposed to do, then they will think that it’s OK  for them to. I have seen many parents do that.

So basically if you want your children to learn from right and wrong, then don’t do something that you don’t want your kids to do. Because children will follow your lead and will not think twice about it until after the tragic results.

This also goes for talking on cell phones while driving to, because it only takes a split second with your eyes off the road to cause a serious accident.

These are statistics of accidents by Motor Vehicles. Check out the website  


Table 1103. Motor Vehicle Accidents—Number and Deaths: 1990 to 2009
[11.5 represents 11,500,000]
Item Unit 1990 1995 2000 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Motor vehicle accidents 1
. . . . . . . . . . . . Million . . . 11.5 10.7 13.4 10.9 10.7 10.4 10.6 10.2 10.8  See more on this website
Motor vehicle deaths within 1 yr. 2
. . . . . 1,000 . . . . 46.8 43.4 43.4 44.9 45.3 45.3 43.9 39.7 35.9

I want to say that these statistics are way to high.

USA Weekend Paper: In The Journal News Local Paper

I found some interesting articles in this paper. I thought I would share  with everyone, because there are some great tips in here on different things.

1.   5 tips on how to be gorgeous for less $$$ Pad time between your hair appointments (3 times a year, or have an assistant trim your hair at your own risk !!!!

Skip shampooing, or blow drying your hair.

Go off hours – usually they have better prices on certain days, or training sessions (at your own risk).

Don’t color so much  – Only do it a couple of times a year, it’s less expensive.

Grow longer hair, you tend to have to cut short hair more than you do if your hair was longer. Ask your hairdresser. This article was Written By Michelle Meyer.

2.   Little time to work out? You can still stay trim.

Keep eating. Do not skip meals, like me. I tend to do it because of the pain, or I just don’t feel hungry.

No breakfast is the worst breakfast, which I cannot do breakfast to early. I like to eat at around 10-11 AM and have like either toast or cereal.

If it grows on a tree, eat it. When in doubt reach for something that grows on trees. Article Written By McKenna Grant.

3.   Apps can make your life easier.

Remember the Milk app creates master to-do lists, sets reminders, sorts tasks by due date, works with Android, Blackberry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile (free).

Get a handle on your budget –  Lemon app scans and catalogs receipts, (where and when you spend money, can organize by chart, based on retailer works with Android, and iPhone (free).

Get a human on the line The Fast Customer app –  The answer to getting stuck pushing all those keypad entries to get a live person on the phone, you select a company, enter their contact #, and a rep will call you. (works with Android, and iPhone (free). Article Written By McKenna Grant.

4.   Go Wild! Go Native!  This one I thought was really interesting, because, no one likes pesky animals and insects in their garden. Well, today we’re going to learn something new about gardening and those pesky animals and insects. So get ready, and ill be back in 5, I have to take a little break. Have some tea and biscuits. LOL. So according to this article, animals, insects, birds, and  squirrels are actually good for your garden. According to what they are saying: Is that a garden that supports wildlife, such as insects, rodents, frogs, lizards and birds. This can be a win win  for you and the animals. She states that, “We’re missing out on the natural piece of life.” She states the key; Is to use native plants to meet the animals needs where they need sunshine to, so keep a nice open area in a sunny spot. She also says, that Cluster trees and large shrubs in layers for nesting and hiding, and water an area of your yard that puddles up perfect for birds and butterflies. The best part is you don’t clean up much because leaf litter is perfect for insects. But as far as deer and rabbits go, the only way they will stay away is if you have plants that are highly scented and fuzzy. But she does say that in the end you will lose some plants. Article Written By Molly Lyons.

Apps for digital green thumbs Field guides from Audubon, about trees, wildflowers, birds, butterflies and more… (9.99 and up).

Leafsnap – developed by Columbia University, University of Maryland and the Smithsonian Institute. Where you are able to name any tree by a photograph of their leaves (free).

Garden Design With Jamie Durie – Plant Finder Database, (2.99 and up).   

Don’t Throw Books Out, Donate Them To The Poor!

I see a lot of people through books out, when there is nothing wrong the books. I believe that instead of throwing them out the should give them to the poor children, who are in desperate need of books.

Wall Of Honor: For Our Troops Who Serve Our Country, And For Those Who Died For Our Country

I decided to start this wall in honor of our troops, who serve our country, and for who died for our country to. So if anyone would like to sign this wall for the troops, please feel free to do so. Thank You.

Publicize Crash Course: LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path

Publicize Crash Course: LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path.

Check This Out!

Water dropping from a tap.

Water dropping from a tap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all I don’t know how she thinks that water is a public right to steal it. Water is free when it is in its natural habitat, then they take it, bottle it, and sell for more than it is worth (free). Secondly, I don’t know how she thinks that water will fill back up naturally by itself, when, even as much rain that we have had the streams and rivers are still either dry, or low, and even the lakes are losing water to. Is this what they literally call corporate greed. We can buy a Brita water filter and put water in it and it costs less than what we pay to buy a bottle of water, and makes for less garbage to. Then she says that she is paying all these costs to distribute the water to sell, when in fact the water is still free no matter how you look at it. So basically we are paying almost the same amount that she states they pay to bottle the water at 3.71 cents. Now how do we see this as either being fair or good. They keep doing this and there will not be any water left at all, and wont need to worry about production, storage and any other cost for them to distribute water. Tap water is free, all you have to do is pay your water bill. So, to figure in the cost of a bottle of water, take the price of the water and add that to equal your water bill and see how many bottles of water you get compared to free tap water. So, for example a big bottle of water here is anywhere from $1.49-$2.00 and a small bottle is $.99 cents plus tax depending on whether they have it on sale. So let’s take 1.49 cents and I will use an example of my water bill which is usually 12$- 20$ every 3 months, depending. So how many bottles would you have bought in 3 months compared to having your free water at home and only paying to use it every 3 months when the water bill comes in. Now, at least here where I live it is every 3 months.

So Nestle, all I have to say is no matter what you say or how you say it, it all boils down to that drinking tap water is a lot cheaper than buying water that is free until you steal it and sell it for more than it is worth.

I will say one thing, you go girl, she is one tough cookie this girl, who did the interview . Maybe if we stop buying the water, they might think twice about stealing it, and selling it. By the way, I want to leave you with this little tidbit for Nestle. Now she mentioned in the interview about recycling the bottles.  Well, the only recycling most people do, is throwing their bottles on the ground instead of the garbage, so you are not only trying to promote water, you are definitely promoting littering while you’re at it.

I told you, I shouldn’t have gotten started on this conversation, because I will speak my mind.

5 Ways States Are Screwing the Poor By Making Welfare Almost Impossible to Get

Seal of the United States Social Security Admi...

Well, this is a tough topic, and I actually agree with it, because there are people out there that use the Welfare system and take advantage of it. Like the fact that most of them can go to work, but they choose not to, and the have kids, like it is a game to see who can have the most kids. Then I believe the people who need Welfare can’t get it because of everyone else who abuse the system. I tried to get Welfare they turned me down, I tried to get Medicaid, they said I made too much money on Workman’s comp, but I finally got it. I got turned down for Social Security three times because they said I was not disabled, but finally came through. So because people abuse the system, it ruins it for the rest of us who actually need it.

Just The Messenger

By Sheila Bapat, AlterNet

TANF (Temporary Assistance To Needy Families) doesn’t recognize the real world people live in.


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Garbage , Garbage, Garbage…. Ughhh!

Garbage cans are supossed to be used for garbage not the ground

This was one of my first posts when I started blogging. Now the reason why I am bringing this up, is because yesterday I watched this girl throw a glass Snapple bottle out of her car onto the ground in the parking lot. Right after she left a car pulled in and almost ran the bottle over. I cannot understand why people just have no sense of doing the right thing.
What really annoys me the most is that they are adults and supposed to know better. Our kids see you do it, they will do it.
Do people have that much disregard for our planet that they just do not care what they do. Like the fact that when I went to sit at the park, I had noticed someone had thrown a park bench into the river. Really??? Is any of this necessary. It really disgusts me that people can be that ignorant.

Saying Goes ( Do Unto Others As They Do Unto You) That is not a literal term you know. Which means that if one person does something, that doesn’t mean you have to follow their lead, or getting back at someone either…

Hurricane Sandy in New Orleans Is A Man Made mistake



National Geographic (magazine)

National Geographic (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sorry to bring this subject up. So I wanted to share something that I read in National Geographic Magazine. We all know that National Geographic is a well-recognized magazine, and it’s also one of my favorite magazines. This article was written to show that humans can make mistakes’


So according to 1942 Geographer Gilbert F White “ Floods are an act of God.’ But flood loses are largely Acts of man.” Also National Geographic staff Joel K. Bourne, Jr. states that “ The Sinking City not only faces Rising  Seas, Stronger Hurricanes, protected by Diminished Wetlands and Defective Levees. Yet people still rebuild in Harms Way.” Now Robert Giegengack (University Of Pennsylvania) states that “ lack The Capacity To Protect new Orleans”


Now here is where the article gets really interesting. “Hurricane Katrina was the costliest disaster we had and was considered a warning shot. Yet experts say more of these are inevitable, and massive and endless efforts to prevent it.” They also state that “Louisiana sits at the lowest spot in the United States and that Louisiana already sits 17 feet under water, and continues to sink by up to an inch a year.” “ Dams and levees built to protect Louisiana have starved the Delta Downstream of sediments and nutrients, causing wetlands that protected the city against flooding and storms to sink beneath sea level causing loss of 1900 square miles of coastal lands since 1930’s.”  “Hurricane Rita took 217 square miles.”


Global warming is raising the Gulf  faster since the last ice age and sea level can raise several feet by the next century and hurricanes may draw more energy from warming seas and become stronger and more frequent .” And the cities defenses are down. There is a map included with the article that shows how much of Louisiana is under water and the lives that are still at risk.


Here is where they explain why New Orleans is a man-made mistake, and according to the article it started back in the 1700’s. Hemingway made a statement about Paris, and he said” If Paris is a moveable feast, than New Orleans has always been a floating one.”


In 1718 Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, “had to wait to put the French Flag up, and floods destroyed the village a year after he founded it.” Hurricanes wiped it off the map again in 1722, and in 289 year history, hurricanes and river floods have put the city under 27 times.” In 1900, a brilliant man named A. Baldwin Wood came up with an idea to put 14 feet in diameter, massive pumps used to drain the great cypress and this caused the metropolis to spill north, swamps dried up, shrank and compacted below sea level, causing lower neighborhoods to flood.”


“Now the tragedy of Katrina was a hard lesson learned and those earlier storm were totally forgotten.” In 1927 the Mississippi River flooded again. Now Gilbert F. White realized after what happened in 1927, he wrote in 1942, Floods are ‘acts of God,’ but flood losses are acts of man.”  In 1965 Hurricane Betsy hit,destroying the city.


John S. Hoffman of the Environmental Protection Agency states that “rising sea level due to global warming by 2100, has projected sea levels could rise at least 2 feet, more likely 3.7 and as high as 12.7 feet.


You know we were always taught that we learn from our mistakes, but in this case , obviously not true in this case. You would think after trying the same thing over and expecting results, you would realize that it didn’t work. no matter how many times you have tried it. N


Now, I can understand that is where your homes, but how many times are you going to suffer through, and not get it, to relocate . They same a home is a home, but they also say home is where the heart is and you can bring your heart to a safer place to live instead of suffering.        


the taste of oil

You know I have tried to explain this to people but they don’t seem to quite understand the consequences of their actions when they desecrate the earth like that. I have a saying, basically it goes the same for earth, but it wont fix it. It goes like this: “When we cut ourselves we put a band-aid on it, if we slice ourselves, we get stitches. But if we do this to the earth, we can neither put a band-aid or stitch it up. “ So think about this every time you dig into the earth, or you cut trees down, there are going to be serious problems if we keep doing this to the earth.  ( Oh I’m sorry there already are serious problems. )

70 Degrees West

We all know the price we pay at the pump is far from the true cost of oil. We casually slide the nozzle into our tanks and oscillate between comments about the staggering jump or all time low cost of gasoline. What we rarely consider is the route in which each drop of oil takes to appear effortlessly at the pump for our disposal. The global population is increasing, and in return, so is the demand on Earth’s natural resources.

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Thule Hunter

What I can not believe is that it is already getting cold in August. I have a bad feeling about this to.


70 Degrees West

We want to begin today by thanking all of our followers who have been with us from the beginning. It is with your encouragement, faith, and continued interest in our project that keeps us heading south along the 70 degrees west longitude. To our new fans, you give us inspiration and the reminder that people are listening, and these stories need to be shared.

After two months in the arctic circle, months of editing still photographs and video footage, we are pleased to release our Greenland trailer, THULE HUNTER. Stay tuned for the Greenland documentary short in the coming months!

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plastic pollution – phase III kickstarter

I agree with you 100 %. It is a shame that people actually do this kind of thing.

70 Degrees West

As we continue to unfold the story of the Penobscot Watershed in Maine and discover more about the importance of free-flowing rivers, we are happy to share some new developments in the next phase of 70 Degrees West.

We are in the planning stages of our next phase – Plastic Pollution in the Sargasso Sea. As we research deeper into this issue, we are continually shocked and deeply troubled by what is happening in our oceans on a global level. With an estimated 7 million tons of trash dumped into the oceans each year, it’s important to understand what’s happening and how we each play a role in affecting the state of our oceans; either adding to their degradation, or supporting their health. Every year this threat to both human and marine life gets worse, and something must be done now before it’s too late.

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plastic & water pollution

You know I could never understand why people actually throw their garbage in the rivers and on the ground. Never made any sense to me. I saw this video on National where they were doing a contest on this same topic here. There was this one 5 yr old who made a video of a lady who was sitting on a park bench and she was drinking water, and when she was done she tossed the bottle towards the garbage can and missed it. Then, he shows how that same bottle cycled around the whole earth and came right back where it started. Next thing you know this seagull comes swooping down and picks the bottle up and puts it in the garbage can. So what it boils down to, is that people just basically don’t care enough to take care of our earth.

70 Degrees West

70 Degrees West | Justin Lewis Photography | Michelle Stauffer

To fully see the reality of plastic pollution in our oceans, it may help to recap how it all begins. Plastic is made from crude oil using a procedure that affects the carbon in the oil, creating long chains of carbon atoms called polymers. It is defined by the organic chemistry of the polymer chain, which contains carbon, oxygen, sulfur or nitrogen, and has different molecular structures which influence the property of the plastic. Plastic also contains other additives, mostly plasticizers, which allows the plastic to be flexible like a food wrapper, or become stronger for electronic products. Fillers are also used to improve the product and reduce production costs. The result, pliable or sturdy plastic, ready for a vast array of uses.

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Early Career Lesson: The Thing I Wish I Knew

There is one problem with that idea though. You see when you find what you are good at. no one will hire you because you don’t have the experience. Here is an example of what I am talking about. When you go to a job fair, they have this saying that say’s ” How do you know you can’t do it unless you try.” I say, How do you know we can’t do it, unless you give us a chance to try.”

The Social HR Connection


More often than not, my friends like to joke around saying that I have a tendency to interview everyone I meet (I guess it’s naturally in my blood). I suppose that could be true but it’s mainly because I’m generally intrigued by people. It’s a common occurrence for me to ask probing questions to someone I’ve just met. Where are they from? Why are they here? What do they do for a living? Is it something they love? How did they fall into that? A simple story of someone’s life, no matter how boring it might seem to them, is actually one of the most interesting things I can come across. After one of these conversations over the weekend, I finally had the chance for someone else to turn the tables and ask me some thought-provoking questions. The one that stuck out the most to me was: what do you…

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July in the USA ends on a frigid note as record cold outpaces warmth nearly 10 to 1

It is hard to believe how the weather took a turn so quickly right.


Watts Up With That?

NOAA forecast shows lows into the 30’s and 40’s for much of the norther and western USA will likely continue. Where’s that global warming when we need it?


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‘Skeptical Science’ Says Concerns About Dangerous Global Warming are Unimportant



English: "Stop Global Warming And Save Th...


Yes they are skeptical alright, and not very smart either. Global Warming is not a myth, it’s happening. Here are some examples: 2009 I saw an Aurora in the sky, with purple, blue, and red colors. I had no way to get that shot because there was no place to stop, but last year there was another one with yellow and orange colors. We are not supposed to have them here. How about the fact that Saturn was aligned with the North star for 2 1/2 weeks, and I did get a shot of that. The rivers and streams still dry with all the rain we had, leaves on trees still white, or brown because there dying. Three years in a row we went right into summer, without spring, and this year it has been cold right up to June, and had four cold days in July. I can go on but there is so much more…





Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Brandon Shollenberger

We can pack up our bags and go home.  The global warming debate is, except maybe as an academic curiosity.  I know this to be true because Skeptical Science says so.  And if they say so, it must be true.

Don’t believe me?  I understand.  It’s hard to believe.  But it’s true.  You may remember a post I wrote a couple days ago.  In it, I called Skeptical Science dishonest for repeatedly promoting a tweet from (not quite) Barack Obama that said:

Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climate change is real, man-made and dangerous. Read more: http://OFA.BO/gJsdFp

As Cook et al’s study said absolutely nothing about whether or not climate change is dangerous.  Barry Woods followed up on this point at Skeptical Science in a few comments.  That’s when the Skeptical Science crowd said concerns about dangerous global warming are unimportant.

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The Marshall Islands and their Sea Level Changes

People do not understand what they are doing to our environment. If you read the article I posted about New Orleans, there are explanations on what is happening and why. It is not just New Orleans, it’s everywhere.

You can not keep digging up the earth, or remove trees, or try to fix something that can not be fixed, Like New Orleans. Because their issue has been dated back to the start of the 1700’s

Watts Up With That?

A short comment by Nils-Axel Mörner

UPDATE: See the follow up post here: The Most Important Sea Level Graph

This is the sea level graph (from Kwajalein) recently being circulated and claimed to show an alarming acceleration of a proposed general sea level rise.

Yes, this curve rises fairly rapidly from 1990 to 2012. But for what reason and with what regional message?


This is a sea level graph (from Majuro) and is shows a general sea level stability from 1992 to 2010.

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The WUWT Hot Sheet for Wednesday July 31st, 2013

This is a radar animation image of lake effect...

Now this a really big change. Here in NY we had 4 days of cold weather, where it was 68 degrees at night and 63 degrees by morning

Watts Up With That?


Shocker: Global Warming Kneejerker Admits It

You can go wading in the lake at the North Pole – Boing Boing

At Climate Central, Andrew Freedman provides some really fascinating context that illustrates the changing nature of, well, nature … and draws a big, heavy underline on how difficult it can be to make assumptions about what is and what isn’t an effect of climate change. Arctic sea ice is melting in concert with rising global average temperatures, but (contrary to the knee-jerk assumption I made about this story) the lake at the North Pole may or may not have anything to do with that.

What? Global warming true believers making knee-jerk assumptions? Perish the thought.

Kudos for owning up, though.

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Tune In for a Cause: QVC’s Super Saturday 16 Benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Making A Career of Blogging With Ads

Making A Career of Blogging With Ads.

My Little Town

English: A speed bump, bar, hump... unknown lo...

English: A speed bump, bar, hump… unknown location. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well it is 4:17 AM in the morning, I know I should be asleep right. Well I was woke up by the sound of a speeding car on our 5 mile an hour street with the sound of screeching brakes and then heard some kid screaming. After that he was doing 360″s on our street and the kid was still screaming. So as of tonight I am officially afraid of living here. Was having trouble going to sleep.
I am going to write a letter to our Village Hall and tell them they need to deal with this. They want to raise property taxes and we can’t even get them to do anything. Like the fact that I had to fight to get them to fix the Do Not Enter signs for the One way street, that people still drive down the wrong way, or back down the wrong way, and these cars do 60-70 MPH on this street. Then I tried to get speed bumps put in to slow them down after years, they finally did it this year, and can you believe most of the idiots still speed over the speed bumps.
Ever since they closed our Village Police Dept all the weirdos and nuts have been coming out of the woodwork. I am afraid to go out after dark to. This is what they look like but bigger, wider and with white lines straight across.

Sensible Bumper Stickers

"Abortion is not Healthcare"

“Abortion is not Healthcare” (Photo credit: brunosan)

I was driving back from the doctor’s office the other day, and there was this car in front of me with two bumper stickers on the back of her car. One said, ” Isn’t it rather hypocritical to favor abortion when you’ve already been born.” and the other one said, “Women deserve better than abortion.” Now these stickers actually speak for themselves, A lot of people think that when you conceive that the egg is not a child till you’re in the 28 week term and that is not true. Once you conceive, you are carrying a child. Now I am against abortion unless it is otherwise necessary to abort.

I’m Keeping My Promise

Everyone should do their part. Think of it this way. The Earth is your home, like your home is your home. So if you take care of your home, why can;t you take care of the earth.

Some exciting stuff!

Some exciting stuff!.

Guilty Before Innocent

Dateline NBC

Dateline NBC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Teacher killed in Virginia

I watched this on dateline the other night, and never seen it before,and in the first 5 minutes of watching this I knew her husband was guilty. He lied through the whole entire investigation. You can find 12 videos on this story on dateline NBC Website

Boston Basketball/ Boston Marathon


Basketball (Photo credit: mvongrue)

Now see I find this kind of odd that this issue with the Boston basketball team and then the bombing at the Boston marathon. Same town right after what happened a week before. Our taxes pay for these I???? to investigate and before they do they assume it was a terrorist. Well I am not so sure it is. I mean what are the chances that right after this issue with the basketball team does this happen in the same state. Did they ever think it might slightly have something to do with the issue of what happened with the basketball team.

See this is why people get scared because they assume before they investigate and that is not right.  Our taxes pay them to do their job, so why not just do it, and find the truth before you go spouting innuendos of what you think, or who you think did it.

Hurricane Sandy- the effects

English: Tracks of the Metro-North Port Jervis...

English: Tracks of the Metro-North Port Jervis Line damaged by flooding from the nearby Ramapo River during Hurricane Irene south of Sloatsburg, NY, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Orange and Rockland, the statistics for the 3 huge storms we had were incomparable. Between Hurricane sandy, Hurricane Irene and the huge Oct Winter Storm we had, Sandy was the highest of all in outages compared to the other storms.

Outages according to each storm were, 250,000 people and 11 days to restore power for Sandy, whereas Irene was only 120,000 people and only took 7 days to get power back. and the snowstorm took out 135,000 people with 8 days to restore power.

Sandy took out 500 poles,455 Transformers, and 185,000 wire (Ft), whereas Irene took 150 poles, 330 transformers and 50,000 wire (Ft), and the Oct snowstorm took out 140 poles, 150 transformers and 74,000 wire (Ft) and on the first day of course, no one’s power was restored , but the second day 21%, had power, 3rd day 26%, 4th day 41%, 5th day 53%, 6th day, 63%, 7th day 78%, 8th day, 88 %, 9th day 93%, 10th day 98 , 11th day 100%.

They had to repair 27 transmission lines, 17 substations and almost all of 280 distribution circuits and miles of secondary lines.

Considering all that success in power being back on was pretty quick. But I am sorry sorry for all the loss and destruction we and everyone else had to endure during this tragic storm.

Global warming- the earth is like an engine

Earth's Core

The Earth is like and engine, and if you drop something in the engine it will stop right. This will also explain where we get our resources from and how far down they have to dig to get these resources.  So think about this when we are actually digging into the Earth, or cutting the trees down. One day that nail will get stuck and we wont be able to fix it. I also came up with a saying that, “If you cut yourself you put a Band- Aid on it, if you slice yourself you get stitches, well if we do this to the Earth, we cannot put a Band-Aid on it or stitch it up”, so think about this. I’ve been wanting to talk about this topic for a while now and I had to do a lot of research on it in order to start it. The reason why I want to blog this topic is because I want people to see what the earth is actually made out of, and why we are causing Global Warming and what is causing it. The Earth actually has four cores and the first core has actually two parts to it. So you can see from the picture exactly what the core looks like and this will explain where and how far we have to dig down to get our resources. I will define the first part of the core and some definitions for you. the rest would be a very long topic so I will only do the first core and link the rest, where everyone can see it. This is why we are killing the Earth, along with many other reasons, but we all what they are.
So the first layer of Earth is actually consists of the Crust, Granite, Basaltic Rock, and the Ocean.This is called the Lithosphere Layer, it is very rigid, and is (80 km down or 50 miles) to be exact. This layer is hard, not flexible. The Crust is a hard surface made of igneous and Metamorphic rock. Now this first layer is used for buildings and monuments. Granite is a very hard Igneous rock, with Quartz, Orthoclase and Microcline. Granite which is a hard Igneous rock with Quartz, Orthoclase and Microcline. Then we have Basaltic rock which is either dark gray/ black dense, fine-grained Igneous rock consisting of  Plagioclase, Augile, and sometimes Magnetite. The Lithosphere is generated by radioactive heating of the interior core, and is believed to cause lateral movement of the plates. It shifts at a rate of several inches per year, and it is a Rigid and Rocky layer. The Igneous is formed by solidification of Magma and the Metamorphic rock produced by Metamorphism. Quartz is a mineral consisting of silicone dioxide, colorless, transparent hexagon or Crystalline masses. Orthoclase is Monocline mineral of feldspar group, and consists of Silicate of Potassium, Aluminum and Plagioclase, a Tri-clinic feldspar having Calcium, Sodium. Augite usually black or dark green mineral consists of rocks found in Igneous, Aluminous Pyroxene, and the Magnetite is important for Iron Ore. It is usually black isometric mineral of Spinal Groups, and is an oxide of Iron. Triclinic is a system of Crystallization by three unequal Axes intersecting at Oblique angles, which means they are not parallel, having no right angle and not perpendicular to each other. Aluminous Pyroxene is a Silicate Mineral with Calcium Magnesium iron rich, and Spinel is a mineral composed of Magnesium Aluminum Oxide, colors from Blood Red to Blue, Green, Brown and colorless, found in igneous rocks lie Granite, Metamorphic Limestone deposits, Minerals of Magnesium, Iron, Zinc or Manganese with a combo of Aluminum, Chromium or Iron. Supposedly this was used in early 20th Century for imitation of Gemstones. Then of course there is the Ocean which covers nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface divided into major oceans and smaller seas.

Now, if you look at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Core you can see what it is made of, and like they say. A picture is worth a thousand words. What I mean by that is if you look at the picture you can kind of see how far down they have to go for all our resources we use.

I did forget to mention that the 1st core is 80 km (50 miles down), 2nd Core is 700km (430 miles down) 3rd core 2885 km (1793 miles down) and 4th core is 6371km (3960 miles down)

This is why we need to stop drilling, digging and cutting so much, because there will not be anything left one day. It is time we put our heads together and come up with a plan.

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