You know I could never understand why people actually throw their garbage in the rivers and on the ground. Never made any sense to me. I saw this video on National where they were doing a contest on this same topic here. There was this one 5 yr old who made a video of a lady who was sitting on a park bench and she was drinking water, and when she was done she tossed the bottle towards the garbage can and missed it. Then, he shows how that same bottle cycled around the whole earth and came right back where it started. Next thing you know this seagull comes swooping down and picks the bottle up and puts it in the garbage can. So what it boils down to, is that people just basically don’t care enough to take care of our earth.

70 Degrees West

70 Degrees West | Justin Lewis Photography | Michelle Stauffer

To fully see the reality of plastic pollution in our oceans, it may help to recap how it all begins. Plastic is made from crude oil using a procedure that affects the carbon in the oil, creating long chains of carbon atoms called polymers. It is defined by the organic chemistry of the polymer chain, which contains carbon, oxygen, sulfur or nitrogen, and has different molecular structures which influence the property of the plastic. Plastic also contains other additives, mostly plasticizers, which allows the plastic to be flexible like a food wrapper, or become stronger for electronic products. Fillers are also used to improve the product and reduce production costs. The result, pliable or sturdy plastic, ready for a vast array of uses.

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