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Well, this is a tough topic, and I actually agree with it, because there are people out there that use the Welfare system and take advantage of it. Like the fact that most of them can go to work, but they choose not to, and the have kids, like it is a game to see who can have the most kids. Then I believe the people who need Welfare can’t get it because of everyone else who abuse the system. I tried to get Welfare they turned me down, I tried to get Medicaid, they said I made too much money on Workman’s comp, but I finally got it. I got turned down for Social Security three times because they said I was not disabled, but finally came through. So because people abuse the system, it ruins it for the rest of us who actually need it.

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By Sheila Bapat, AlterNet

TANF (Temporary Assistance To Needy Families) doesn’t recognize the real world people live in.


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