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Working on my photo’s for my book

Iona Estuary

Bear Mountain State Park

I started working on my photos for my book, in my software Microsoft Digital Image Suite and I played with only color, exposure, contrast, level, and exposure and lighting. What a difference I noticed, because the first camera I ever had, made the photos look like they had a lot of noise in them and they were like very dull, and spotty, like when you watch a channel on television that has a bad connection with snow. So far I only got one folder done, out of a million, LOL (Joking) and still have a lot more to go. Oh sorry, I forgot to take the date off the photo.

I know this is off topic but I saw this link and wanted to share with you because, I hate that Microsoft changed to Skype, because now you can’t log in and it tells you that you have the wrong email or password. It basically messed everything up. I like windows live messenger better. They have done it for windows 7 already.


My Book and More…


books (Photo credit: brody4)

I am starting back to working on my books I started and I am also going to do some photo story videos, that one of my friends inspired me to do with my dreams and more. They will be posted on YouTube.
Also still working on tagging posts and visiting everyone’s blog, so have patience. Thank you

Notice that book on the picture, Best Ghost stories, I have that book. I bought it in Williamsburg, VA

True stories

English: Goldfield Hotel (abandoned), Goldfiel...

English: Goldfield Hotel (abandoned), Goldfield, Esmeralda County, Nevada, 4-11-1976 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If any one likes to watch ghost stories and war movies. I recommend these movies to watch. Now, I am not a big fan of war movies, but this movie was excellent. If you are one of those that can not watch ghost movies, I suggest watching at your own risk, because this movie exceeds every other ghost movie I have seen.
Like I said these movies are true stories. So last night I was flipping through On Demand movies to watch and I found this movie called Ghost of Goldfield, and The Ascent. Anyway, The Ghost of Goldfield is about a hotel located in Goldfield, Nevada and there are five students who go to this hotel to help this student do a thesis for her Psychology class. This girl looks like the dead ghost of Elizabeth, the bartender looks like the guy Elizabeth had an affair with, one of the other kids, look like Elizabeth’s husband, also the girl who is doing her thesis is the younger version of her grandmother who betrayed Elizabeth by telling her husband about the affair she had and that the baby was not his. It gets really ugly. The Ascent is a true story and it’s based on Prisoners of War with the Germans, British, and Africans. This was an excellent movie to.

Back in those days Goldfield was very well-known for their gold and then the town died after this happened at the hotel. Now in the movie The Ascent, I am curious about something that I had noticed and that was that the prisoners shirts had a dark patch on the back, does anyone know what that meant.

English: Goldfield Ghost Town saloon on Apache...

English: Goldfield Ghost Town saloon on Apache Trail, Arizona, USA Français : Goldfield Ghost Town sur l’Apache Trail, Arizona, États-Unis (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My Tale From A to Z

7 Lucky Gods of japan

7 Lucky Gods of japan (Photo credit: Steve-kun)


My Tale From A To Z


A Tale of a Girl who got injured


Because she slipped in the snow and


Can’t function very well, but


Doing things are very hard, and


Every day is a struggle. I also


Forget a lot to. I pray to


God everyday to


Help me through this, But


I wake up every day, with some good days,


some bad, but more really bad days


Just tell everyone to stop telling me


it is all in my mind, don’t think about it


Kills me to tell them they have no


idea what I’m going through


Let Go, Let God, they say


Mainly being bored out of my mind


Not being able to work, and do the things I enjoy


Other than that I am going crazy


Particularly since the walls feel like they closed


in on me, and


Quality time with family has been less and less,


because I have to


Restrict my driving, because it hurts too much to


Sit for long periods at a


Time. So


Until I get the surgery, which I hope is soon


Very soon. I am


Watching what I do, so I don’t overdo it




You’ve all have been so patient since this


happened, and now I am going to


Zap on out of here


and go to bed


Good Night all


This was actually inspired by (


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I actually have this book, and it is a great book.



There are a lot of books available for teens today.  For a smart, discerning young adult, the range and quality of the work has never been better.  But I’m often dismayed by the lack of value (my judgment call here) a good portion of the popular literature offers.  At least, insofar as what sells best.  There are those books that entertain (and they should), and fill an afternoon, but don’t remain. Don’t challenge the teen, don’t teach the teen, don’t inspire the teen – in short, they’re fluff.  Like an ice cream sundae soon consumed and soon forgotten.  I know as parents, we’re just happy our kid is reading. There are so many who don’t.

That’s why when I find one of those quiet books, that don’t sell phenomenally well but offer something of depth for the soul, I want to highlight it. I read The Ghost of Spirit…

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How This Book Came Into the World

Well, I hope that you are doing better. I know how you feel. It’s amazing when something happens to a person, it changes you in ways you never imagined right.


Several years ago I had a particularly bad year. My father died, my son was hospitalized, and I came face to face with my own health crisis. All in one year. My illness effectively took me out of the world and focused my attention inward. I returned to basics and found my interest in Buddhism waiting for me. Silent, I think, since at least my teenage years.

I began taking classes offered in faraway Dharamsala, India.  Thanks to the internet, I was able to study with a master who had fled Chinese-occupied Tibet to follow His Holiness, the Dalai Lama into exile in 1959. Listening to Geshe Sonam Rinchen’s patient lectures aided my understanding of Tibetan Buddhism. That along with my friendship with a young monk in India helped me to process and write, Into the Land of Snows.   The novel explores many of the themes I was exposed to as…

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Recommended Movies To Watch


I have some more movies for you.


      The Good Witch     The Good Witch


      The Good Witches Garden      The Good Witches Garden

     The Good Witches Gift     The Good Witches Gift

     The Good Witches Family       The Good Witches Family


       The Good Witches Charm       The Good Witches Charm


        Monster House  Monster House


         Our Wild Hearts  Our Wild Hearts


         Andre   Andre




        Christmas In Canaan  Christmas In Canaan


        Christmas Comes Home To Canaan  Christmas Comes Home To Canaan


        A Dog Named Christmas  A Dog Named Christmas

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