Earth's Core

The Earth is like and engine, and if you drop something in the engine it will stop right. This will also explain where we get our resources from and how far down they have to dig to get these resources.  So think about this when we are actually digging into the Earth, or cutting the trees down. One day that nail will get stuck and we wont be able to fix it. I also came up with a saying that, “If you cut yourself you put a Band- Aid on it, if you slice yourself you get stitches, well if we do this to the Earth, we cannot put a Band-Aid on it or stitch it up”, so think about this. I’ve been wanting to talk about this topic for a while now and I had to do a lot of research on it in order to start it. The reason why I want to blog this topic is because I want people to see what the earth is actually made out of, and why we are causing Global Warming and what is causing it. The Earth actually has four cores and the first core has actually two parts to it. So you can see from the picture exactly what the core looks like and this will explain where and how far we have to dig down to get our resources. I will define the first part of the core and some definitions for you. the rest would be a very long topic so I will only do the first core and link the rest, where everyone can see it. This is why we are killing the Earth, along with many other reasons, but we all what they are.
So the first layer of Earth is actually consists of the Crust, Granite, Basaltic Rock, and the Ocean.This is called the Lithosphere Layer, it is very rigid, and is (80 km down or 50 miles) to be exact. This layer is hard, not flexible. The Crust is a hard surface made of igneous and Metamorphic rock. Now this first layer is used for buildings and monuments. Granite is a very hard Igneous rock, with Quartz, Orthoclase and Microcline. Granite which is a hard Igneous rock with Quartz, Orthoclase and Microcline. Then we have Basaltic rock which is either dark gray/ black dense, fine-grained Igneous rock consisting of  Plagioclase, Augile, and sometimes Magnetite. The Lithosphere is generated by radioactive heating of the interior core, and is believed to cause lateral movement of the plates. It shifts at a rate of several inches per year, and it is a Rigid and Rocky layer. The Igneous is formed by solidification of Magma and the Metamorphic rock produced by Metamorphism. Quartz is a mineral consisting of silicone dioxide, colorless, transparent hexagon or Crystalline masses. Orthoclase is Monocline mineral of feldspar group, and consists of Silicate of Potassium, Aluminum and Plagioclase, a Tri-clinic feldspar having Calcium, Sodium. Augite usually black or dark green mineral consists of rocks found in Igneous, Aluminous Pyroxene, and the Magnetite is important for Iron Ore. It is usually black isometric mineral of Spinal Groups, and is an oxide of Iron. Triclinic is a system of Crystallization by three unequal Axes intersecting at Oblique angles, which means they are not parallel, having no right angle and not perpendicular to each other. Aluminous Pyroxene is a Silicate Mineral with Calcium Magnesium iron rich, and Spinel is a mineral composed of Magnesium Aluminum Oxide, colors from Blood Red to Blue, Green, Brown and colorless, found in igneous rocks lie Granite, Metamorphic Limestone deposits, Minerals of Magnesium, Iron, Zinc or Manganese with a combo of Aluminum, Chromium or Iron. Supposedly this was used in early 20th Century for imitation of Gemstones. Then of course there is the Ocean which covers nearly 70% of the Earth’s surface divided into major oceans and smaller seas.

Now, if you look at the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Core you can see what it is made of, and like they say. A picture is worth a thousand words. What I mean by that is if you look at the picture you can kind of see how far down they have to go for all our resources we use.

I did forget to mention that the 1st core is 80 km (50 miles down), 2nd Core is 700km (430 miles down) 3rd core 2885 km (1793 miles down) and 4th core is 6371km (3960 miles down)

This is why we need to stop drilling, digging and cutting so much, because there will not be anything left one day. It is time we put our heads together and come up with a plan.

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