You know I have tried to explain this to people but they don’t seem to quite understand the consequences of their actions when they desecrate the earth like that. I have a saying, basically it goes the same for earth, but it wont fix it. It goes like this: “When we cut ourselves we put a band-aid on it, if we slice ourselves, we get stitches. But if we do this to the earth, we can neither put a band-aid or stitch it up. “ So think about this every time you dig into the earth, or you cut trees down, there are going to be serious problems if we keep doing this to the earth.  ( Oh I’m sorry there already are serious problems. )

70 Degrees West

We all know the price we pay at the pump is far from the true cost of oil. We casually slide the nozzle into our tanks and oscillate between comments about the staggering jump or all time low cost of gasoline. What we rarely consider is the route in which each drop of oil takes to appear effortlessly at the pump for our disposal. The global population is increasing, and in return, so is the demand on Earth’s natural resources.

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