English: A speed bump, bar, hump... unknown lo...

English: A speed bump, bar, hump… unknown location. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well it is 4:17 AM in the morning, I know I should be asleep right. Well I was woke up by the sound of a speeding car on our 5 mile an hour street with the sound of screeching brakes and then heard some kid screaming. After that he was doing 360″s on our street and the kid was still screaming. So as of tonight I am officially afraid of living here. Was having trouble going to sleep.
I am going to write a letter to our Village Hall and tell them they need to deal with this. They want to raise property taxes and we can’t even get them to do anything. Like the fact that I had to fight to get them to fix the Do Not Enter signs for the One way street, that people still drive down the wrong way, or back down the wrong way, and these cars do 60-70 MPH on this street. Then I tried to get speed bumps put in to slow them down after years, they finally did it this year, and can you believe most of the idiots still speed over the speed bumps.
Ever since they closed our Village Police Dept all the weirdos and nuts have been coming out of the woodwork. I am afraid to go out after dark to. This is what they look like but bigger, wider and with white lines straight across.