English: Tracks of the Metro-North Port Jervis...

English: Tracks of the Metro-North Port Jervis Line damaged by flooding from the nearby Ramapo River during Hurricane Irene south of Sloatsburg, NY, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to Orange and Rockland, the statistics for the 3 huge storms we had were incomparable. Between Hurricane sandy, Hurricane Irene and the huge Oct Winter Storm we had, Sandy was the highest of all in outages compared to the other storms.

Outages according to each storm were, 250,000 people and 11 days to restore power for Sandy, whereas Irene was only 120,000 people and only took 7 days to get power back. and the snowstorm took out 135,000 people with 8 days to restore power.

Sandy took out 500 poles,455 Transformers, and 185,000 wire (Ft), whereas Irene took 150 poles, 330 transformers and 50,000 wire (Ft), and the Oct snowstorm took out 140 poles, 150 transformers and 74,000 wire (Ft) and on the first day of course, no one’s power was restored , but the second day 21%, had power, 3rd day 26%, 4th day 41%, 5th day 53%, 6th day, 63%, 7th day 78%, 8th day, 88 %, 9th day 93%, 10th day 98 , 11th day 100%.

They had to repair 27 transmission lines, 17 substations and almost all of 280 distribution circuits and miles of secondary lines.

Considering all that success in power being back on was pretty quick. But I am sorry sorry for all the loss and destruction we and everyone else had to endure during this tragic storm.