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It’s done

Now that I have had my surgery, I am now in Physical therapy and on my way to recovery.


My Rainbow

Morro Bay, California

The end of my rainbow is when I have successfully done what I want to succeed in life.

Double Rainbow over Morro Bay CA 24 June 2010-2

Well the end of the rainbow is different for everyone. Ex. My end of the rainbow is to be successful, and be able to retire and do what I want when I want to.

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The magic of Santa; do you believe? In Christmas wishes

    Picture From BingLast Christmas, a couple of weeks before, I went to the Post Office and was standing on-line to mail my Christmas cards and some other things. While I was there I saw this Christmas stocking made of clay on the table, and on it said ” letters to Santa”, I was like in my mind saying HMM!, interesting. So as I was waiting to get to the counter I started thinking about what actually happens to the letters that the kids write to Santa. Well, I finally got to the counter and he checked my mail, then I ask him about that stocking for the Santa letters, and what happens to the letters that the kids write to Santa, and the Postman said ” they send them to the North Pole (Canada) where they try to answer the letters, at least the ones that they can and the post office also answers the letters to which children have asked for little things, like a coat for their mother, and they would put together some money to buy that coat that child had asked for his mother. So, I said ” that’s pretty cool, they really do that”, and he said ” yes”. I said ” I was always told they throw the letters out”, and he said, ” No they send them to the North Pole in Canada and that’s where they answer them, or we try to answer them”. I said “I think that’s really great, I never really knew that, thank you for telling me that”. And I left.

     So I went on with my days as usual, and I started thinking about writing a letter to Santa Claus. So one day I sat down and started writing this letter to Santa Claus which was like three days before deadline that the letters had to be in on (December fourth) and I started writing my letter to Santa, that went like this:

                                 Dear Santa,

I know I’m a little old to be writing to Santa, but I could really use your help. I’m in trouble. I’ve been out of work since January due to an injury from an accident. Where I fell in the snow injuring my head, neck, back, and wrist, leaving me completely injured, and have not been able to return to my job because of it, which is driving a school bus and no heavy lifting to. There are no jobs out there, and I have basically no experience except for a CDL for tractor-trailer and bus, also a degree in computers, a state test for Clerical Clerk, and training that I’m doing. I’m scared because I have been living on $100 a week at every two weeks pay and I can’t live on that. My current job I lost paid $18.45 an hour. I really need to find a job because I have plans to find a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and be able to do the things I want to do without scraping for my next dime. Anyway I need your help in maybe finding a job and I would really like something that I can make a career out of if possible. I know this is a lot to ask but please help me if you can. I’m writing to ask you for your help in finding a job since I’m having no luck at all. Thank you

     After I finished the letter, I went and dropped it off in the Santa stocking, and that was the end of that. Weeks go by, going about my business as usual. Until the day before Christmas when I went to the mailbox after getting home and in the mail box were about six pieces of mail and on top was a letter from the United States Post Office (North Pole) I stood there and looked at that letter in awe and amazement, and was like wow. I can’t believe this and when I went in the house, it was actually the first letter I opened, and in the envelope was an entrance exam opening for a job. So I read the letter and the deadline said that it was December 22nd, so I immediately looked for the number and called. When I spoke to the girl, I explained to her exactly how I came upon this test information for this entrance exam, and she couldn’t believe it she said ” are you serious, so cool”. I said ” yes I know it is, isn’t it”. So I said the reason I was calling is because the deadline says December 22nd and I just received it today. She said to me ” that the deadline was wrong that it was supposed to be the 29th, so I asked her if she would be in on Monday, if I could fill out the application, she said ” I could do it online or I could come in and fill it out. So I told her I’d come in on Monday she said okay, be here at 9 AM. I said” thank you”.

     So now the weekend goes by, Christmas goes by, and Monday comes in, and of course we have all this snow, so not only did I have to push my way out of the house this morning, but I also had to dig my way out of the driveway or drive my way out of the driveway. Anyway I ended up on making it there about 9:30 and got the application filed and it all worked out.

                    By Sam

                    December 28, 2010

Just a note:I had to share this because I thought it  was really cute.   I Know I would’ve shared it last year, but never got around to it.

my wish list

christmas 2007

Christmas is my Favorite time of year

Christmas 2007

My Christmas wishes

**I wish for a better car – 49th Birthday wish came true
I wish for a new house
I wish for a nice vacation
I wish for a nice boyfriend and husband one day
**I wish for a better career in my degree- Well maybe a career, and a possible job to, keep your fingers crossed, should know by tomorrow or Monday
I wish for snow for Christmas
I wish for me to be able to STOP SMOKING?
Well my 1st wish came true, I was able to trade my car in for a better car on my 49th Birthday. So I will work on this wish 1st and then I will work on my next wish, looks like another wish will come true

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