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The time has finally come…

Surgery has been authorized, now I have to get a new MRI done first. I apologize for not being on in so long. But the day is finally coming, I’m happy it’s finally here, but nervous now. I know don’t be nervous.


Another Sleepless Night

Sleepless Editor Barnstar Upgraded version

You know they said it would get better before it got worse, they lied. This will be going 8 times now my neck has locked up and every time it gets worse and worse. My body feels like a 10 ton truck ran me over, I am sitting here drinking some Herbal tea to see if I can go back to sleep. I really cannot take this anymore. Would anyone call me a baby if I said I can’t stand the pain, because right now it is so excruciating from my neck right down to my feet, that I can barely move. I have a Dr. Appt in the morning and I will be like a walking zombie, because it’s now 2:15 am. I want to go back to that nice spa bath again. LOL. Oh!! and still waiting for the Dr. to get Authorization for the surgery, which I hope will be really soon.

I got to say to, that out of 5 doctors that I have seen this doctor is the only doctor that saw what my doctors have seen in the MRI‘S and EMG’S. Because one doctor said he wouldn’t do the surgery because the damage is to extensive, the second Dr said he didn’t see anything wrong, the third and fourth Dr’s both said it wont help even if they do the surgery. But if I don’t do this then where am I going to be if this keeps happening. I am to the point where I need help cleaning house, have to do grocery shopping online, it is very hard for me to drive. Basically if I sit, stand walk, or sleep I can feel the pressure pushing on my neck and it is effecting everything else.

New Idea For My Blog

Social Media: Video Blogging

Social Media: Video Blogging (Photo credit: campuspartymexico)

A Presentation On Global Warming done with Power Point

I was talking to my friends and they had mentioned how much they like my blog. So they told me I should start a video blog to, and post them on You tube. what do you think. I just need to create a good name for my video blog. This is just an example of something I have done with Power point

If any one has any  ideas let me know and post it here please.

Grocery Shopping on a Budget – Saving Money Buying Cheap Groceries –

Asian Family Customers Shopping in The Super M...

wow, I was just clicking the links in the messenger and came to this website . cool huh. this should maybe help save on groceries

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Grocery Shopping on a Budget – Saving Money Buying Cheap Groceries –

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