7 Lucky Gods of japan

7 Lucky Gods of japan (Photo credit: Steve-kun)


My Tale From A To Z


A Tale of a Girl who got injured


Because she slipped in the snow and


Can’t function very well, but


Doing things are very hard, and


Every day is a struggle. I also


Forget a lot to. I pray to


God everyday to


Help me through this, But


I wake up every day, with some good days,


some bad, but more really bad days


Just tell everyone to stop telling me


it is all in my mind, don’t think about it


Kills me to tell them they have no


idea what I’m going through


Let Go, Let God, they say


Mainly being bored out of my mind


Not being able to work, and do the things I enjoy


Other than that I am going crazy


Particularly since the walls feel like they closed


in on me, and


Quality time with family has been less and less,


because I have to


Restrict my driving, because it hurts too much to


Sit for long periods at a


Time. So


Until I get the surgery, which I hope is soon


Very soon. I am


Watching what I do, so I don’t overdo it




You’ve all have been so patient since this


happened, and now I am going to


Zap on out of here


and go to bed


Good Night all


This was actually inspired by (dailypost.wordpress.com)


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