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Recommended Movies To Watch


I have some more movies for you.


      The Good Witch     The Good Witch


      The Good Witches Garden      The Good Witches Garden

     The Good Witches Gift     The Good Witches Gift

     The Good Witches Family       The Good Witches Family


       The Good Witches Charm       The Good Witches Charm


        Monster House  Monster House


         Our Wild Hearts  Our Wild Hearts


         Andre   Andre




        Christmas In Canaan  Christmas In Canaan


        Christmas Comes Home To Canaan  Christmas Comes Home To Canaan


        A Dog Named Christmas  A Dog Named Christmas


Christmas Gifts Handmade 2012

Snow Globes.jpgnice, there very interesting. You know I found this in ShopRite magazine,

how to make your old Christmas cards into tree ornaments


Weekly Photo Challenge

I have two sisters that I make gifts for each year.  These are the photo’s for this years gifts.  Readers Digest magazine Christmas Trees and Hand made ornaments out of magazines.  Please comment below if you home make your gifts?

2012 December x Mass 011

2012 December x Mass 015

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History of Gift Baskets

These are very unique gift baskets. My first choice would be the Spa Basket.

Exquisite Gift Baskets

The majority of people think of gift baskets as a modern way to give gifts – however, gift baskets actually have a rather long history-spanning years and cultures.


One of the earliest accounts of a gift coming in a basket is the basket of young plants the pagan goddess Eostre carried in a basket, to be used as a sacred offering.  Although some scholars argue the place of Eostre in Easter history, nevertheless this is the likely source of the idea of what came to be the modern-day Easter gift basket.

During the middle ages, gift baskets gained wide popularity.  Kings used to receive gift baskets containing gold, silver and jewels.  Baskets filled with food items were transported as a symbol of grand celebrations. Later in nineteenth century, with the rail road system, it became convenient to send baskets even to the distant areas.

Baskets have been used not…

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Christmas Gift Ideas


I made these last year for Christmas Gifts. There centerpieces, I want to see if people like them, maybe I can sell them. Made to order the way you like with your theme.

This year I am making snow globes, I will post pictures after I finish them. I made them for my family.


my wish list

christmas 2007

Christmas is my Favorite time of year

Christmas 2007

My Christmas wishes

**I wish for a better car – 49th Birthday wish came true
I wish for a new house
I wish for a nice vacation
I wish for a nice boyfriend and husband one day
**I wish for a better career in my degree- Well maybe a career, and a possible job to, keep your fingers crossed, should know by tomorrow or Monday
I wish for snow for Christmas
I wish for me to be able to STOP SMOKING?
Well my 1st wish came true, I was able to trade my car in for a better car on my 49th Birthday. So I will work on this wish 1st and then I will work on my next wish, looks like another wish will come true

Cover of "I Wish"

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