I have some more interesting  and inspiring movies to share with you .        

  • Duke- An inspiring movie about a man who was injured while in service and when he came home to his family, a dog had become part of his life and gave him hope. Till one day he didn’t want to burden his family so he packed him and his dog in his clunker camper and went to live on the streets. Till one day he thought the dog was dying and dropped him off in front of the vets and asked that he be put down so He wouldn’t suffer. Well this vet so that this dog still had some life in him and saved the dog. The she put ads out to find the owner of the dog, and when the daughter saw the ad, the family and dog were finally reunited.

You Lucky Dog

  • You Lucky Dog- A young lady returns home for her mother’s funeral to find out that she needs to save her home, and decides to stay and fix things. A sheep herder got rid of a dog who would not do the job he is supposed to, so this young lady took this dog and worked with him and entered into the sheep herding contest, and they won, and then the real test was that not only did everyone think the dog was worthless, but he ended up saving a camp counselor and some kids from a forest fire.

  • A freshman father- a young man who finds out his girlfriend is pregnant and does the right thing by marrying her, they move in together, she has the baby, and when she thinks that the baby doesn’t like her because he won’t stop crying for her, but only him she decides to leave and in the end she wanted to give the baby up, but he insisted on keeping the baby so when they went to court, he finally got custody. He struggled to keep up college, raise his son and his job, with obstacles always in his way until the dean of college realized that he would go places because he worked so hard at school, work and raising his son.

  • Accidental Friendship  This is a true story About a cop who befriends a homeless women and her dogs. She brings food for her dogs, and then helps her to find a place to live and get her life together and ends up getting married to.

Undercover Angel

  • Undercover Angel  Her little girl plays matchmaker to a lonely freelance writer and her mother and if I remember watching this movie it is based on a true story

Across the Great Divide

  • Two kids set out across the Rockies to claim a piece of property before it is too late. When they meet a Man who is a gambler and helps them to get where they want to go and has then changed this mans ways of living in the end.


  • Heartland-  Where a dairy farmer faces ruin brought on by European law and fights for the injustice of the system

These were really great movies to watch, and they are like really inspiring, because in these movies, if there were more people like these in the world, we would be living in a lot better place, than we are now. I think that in our world, I am sorry to say, but it is all about greed and how everyone is going to make their next dollar, and that is very sad .