Evening descends on the Social Sciences Quad

English: A portrait of the Danish writer Hans ...

I know how you feel, I have the same feeling. I wrote 8 poems that came from my dreams 3 are published but I want to put them in a book and also to write a book about my childhood. basically what ever you want to write about just do the 5 W’s and get your info together and then prepare your outline how you will start the book

Cristian Mihai

Sometimes I want to write something beautiful, something meant to inspire. And this burning hunger grows inside me, consumes me to the point that I can’t write anymore. And it all feels pointless. It seems as if I will never be able to write more than just words, more than a nice story.

After all, writers are also readers. And all the stories that left a mark on us appear to be much more than just words. More than simple stories, they’re the fuel that ignites what’s most human in us, the engine that has driven mankind towards greatness.

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