Iona Estuary

Bear Mountain State Park

I started working on my photos for my book, in my software Microsoft Digital Image Suite and I played with only color, exposure, contrast, level, and exposure and lighting. What a difference I noticed, because the first camera I ever had, made the photos look like they had a lot of noise in them and they were like very dull, and spotty, like when you watch a channel on television that has a bad connection with snow. So far I only got one folder done, out of a million, LOL (Joking) and still have a lot more to go. Oh sorry, I forgot to take the date off the photo.

I know this is off topic but I saw this link and wanted to share with you because, I hate that Microsoft changed to Skype, because now you can’t log in and it tells you that you have the wrong email or password. It basically messed everything up. I like windows live messenger better. They have done it for windows 7 already.