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Photography 101- Who Would Of Known

Susan’s Garden

So I started working on some more photos yesterday for my book. While I was working on them, I have learned some new things from playing around with my photos.
So! You know when you take a Landscape or Portrait photo, and you find that the picture is either sideways, or upside down, (Joking) LOL, if that really happens. Anyway, I had some photos to rotate and found that you can actually leave them that way or rotate it more and will still look good. For example, I took a Landscape shot of some flowers, and had to rotate them, but instead of rotating to portrait, I rotated them to the left and they still look pretty good. I also learned that you can’t always get away with cropping photos, otherwise you kill the mood and the setting on the shot, so that varies on the photo. I have to admit my software Microsoft Digital Image is a great program and best investment I made to.
Here is an example of a photo I rotated the opposite of the shot I took in Landscape view. I rotated it twice to the left.


Malaysia – Walk up to the Batu Caves (2)

It looks absolutely fabulous

Outlook in Life

Welcome back and following me on my walk up to Batu Caves.

Below is the the statue of Lord Murugan, found at the entrance of the steps; stands at 40m tall which is considered as the tallest statue of Lord Murugan in the world. This massive statue is a master piece of Indian sculptors.


A shot right under the statue.


The stairs up to Batu Caves…..


Some people also come here to exercise especially in the morning and evening to walk and down the stairs.


Did you manage to catch a glimpse of the monkeys?


Right at the top of the stairs; 272 steps!!


.. entrance of the cave


Interior of  the caves.


Follow me into Batu Caves in my next post. =)

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Colours at sunrise.

Working on my photo’s for my book

Iona Estuary

Bear Mountain State Park

I started working on my photos for my book, in my software Microsoft Digital Image Suite and I played with only color, exposure, contrast, level, and exposure and lighting. What a difference I noticed, because the first camera I ever had, made the photos look like they had a lot of noise in them and they were like very dull, and spotty, like when you watch a channel on television that has a bad connection with snow. So far I only got one folder done, out of a million, LOL (Joking) and still have a lot more to go. Oh sorry, I forgot to take the date off the photo.

I know this is off topic but I saw this link and wanted to share with you because, I hate that Microsoft changed to Skype, because now you can’t log in and it tells you that you have the wrong email or password. It basically messed everything up. I like windows live messenger better. They have done it for windows 7 already.

Willow Warbler

Hey Stephen, that is a great shot, I love it.


Stephen G Hipperson


Willow Warbler (Phylloscopus trochilus).  Not the best shot of a Willow Warbler, I’ll agree, but it’s about the best I’ve managed.  This from a bedroom window, through the somewhat grimy double glazing.


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Newton Kyme Hall

When I look at this shot, It’s not only an amazing shot, the wall looks like it lays flat on the ground the way you took that photo.

Stephen G Hipperson


On my way to a small church I had to pass in front of Newton Kyme Hall – thought with a quick snap.  The wall in the immediate foreground forms a Ha-Ha keeping, in this case, sheep from getting onto the lawn.  From the hall the Ha-Ha gives the appearance of a continuation of the lawn into the fields – a bit like an infinity pool effect.


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Spud You Like

It’s amazing how many new birds are showing up in places you would not think you would find there. Even here in NY I have seen four new birds but can’t get that one new bird to sit still long enough for me to get a shot of him. The bird looks like this bird but when he is sitting all you see is his yellow color and the black is under his wings, that you can see when he flies. The bird looks like a butterfly when he flies, until he sits still. This is another one, and I do actually have a photo of him, but I have to get hit off my camera

Stephen G Hipperson


Whoopee!  New garden tick – well it flew the garden into a field where the farmer has been harvesting spuds.  I’m pretty sure this is a Ring-necked Parrot (I’m happy to be corrected on that). Common-ish down South in the UK but not so many up here in Yorkshire, though they have been seen.


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