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The Crazy Cat Lady of Kabul

The Crazy Cat Lady of Kabul.


Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan)

Buddha Park (Xieng Khuan).


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My Poems



My Poems I wrote and some of these were written from my dreams.and a couple of them were published to. I wish I could put them on here with the design but the program I use would take up to much space. Dreams, God’s Earth, and Ode To Christmas were published By international library Of Poetry ( and Eber & Wein

The Colors of Life: The International Library of Poetry [Hardcover] On Amazon

Forever Spoken (A compilation) [Hardcover] On Amazon

From a Window: Sights Unseen On Barnes and Noble and  Amazon

My Poem Shadows In The Dark coming soon



Dreams can be beautiful
Dreams can be bad, but also sad.
Dreams can be colorful, also in black and white.
There are crazy dreams, and lazy dreams.
There are scary but also airy dreams, like floating on a cloud, where no one else aloud!
In your own world.
There are all kinds of dreams, pay attention, it seems! Because dreams do tell, so you might as well.
The mind is a strange place to be, because inside there so much to see.
So watch, wait and be ready to see, everything you never seen,
till you’ve seen it in your dreams

By Sherry Mastromarino


Moon Dreams
Moon Dreams (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


God’s Earth

God made this earth, Right!!!
So, why does everyone take it so light!
As a gift to us from God,
He trusted us upon his sod.
He gave mankind, kind hope and more,
that he has opened up this door
To have this gift from God is joy,
not just some little toy.
We act as though it’s a burden to us,
but most of all we never must give up on this great gift.
To lift up and share this special gift.
Mankind has taken advantage of God,
because they have not taken care of his sod.
Animals, trees, birds and more,
are crying for help like never before,
land and sea are asking for help,
but no one is really listening to what is dealt.
So listen close to what earth has to say,
as so one day there may not be anything to hear,
and this for fear is not good

By Sherry Mastromarino


Marriage (Photo credit: Lel4nd)



I believe that marriage is a sacred vow,




but why do people forsake it now.
Is it a piece of paper? Or… is it love
No! It’s not a piece of paper or a convenience to one.
To some it’s just,to others it’s a must and then there is both.
You marry for love, honor, faith, trust and more- to honor your vows.
Marriage should be love, not convenience, till death do us part, not till you tear up the papers.
Some of us would love to have that special love, and others just throw it away like it meant nothing.
By Sherry Mastromarino


christmas 2007
Christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)


Ode To Christmas

I wish… I wish, Christmas

I wish that Christmas could be like the Christmas cartoons,
with the beautiful sparkling snow and moon. The animals
are running freely and leaving little pitter patters of feet
in the snow. The birds are chirping away so happily
as they flutter through the snow, playing with the chipmunks
and deer. I sit and watch, as if they have not a care
in the world, just free to play and scurry around
wherever they want.
I wish… I wish Christmas was!
I wish Christmas could be like the Christmas movies,
where the snow falls so perfectly
as each snowflake hits the ground and lands on the trees.
The icicles hanging from the limbs — branches,and the roofs
of the houses;they look like crystals glowing in the sun.
The houses so beautifully decorated with Christmas lights
and decorations. As everyone sits around the fireplace,
drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows,
while opening their gifts.
I learned that “Christmas is not what is; it’s what it’s about.”
I remember being in Vermont;
as I was sitting in the restaurant, the view of the forest
was covered with beautiful, pure white snow,
as I sit and watch the squirrels, blue jays and cardinals in
the snow scattering around, thinking how free they must feel
out there. I wish… I wish Christmas

By Sherry Mastromarino


christmas stars
Christmas stars (Photo credit: mararie)



Troubled Waters

Your mind is like troubled waters…

Always flowing like a stream.
Like a Dream!!!
Even, during the day, your mind has something to say, Or, mostly at night
after!!! you turn out the light.
Open your eyes to disguise these bad dreams, but never works because the dream still lurks.

By Sherry Mastromarino

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The Lure of Money: Is not worth a friendship

No matter what people say, you do not need to be bought or told that if you don’t do this I won’t be your friend. Because friends like that, you don’t need any enemies.They are not worth being your friend if they force you to do something you normally wouldn’t do

Eve Tempted

No, money would sway me into to doing something, I normally wouldn’t do. But first it depends on what it is, because I preferably like it outside jail not inside jail.

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Silence or Small Talk

Knowing when to talk with someone on a plane is kind of a guessing game because some people don’t like to talk and others do, and some are too busy to talk

Flying snow

I always try to chat with the person next to me on the plane, especially since I have a fear of flying and kind of gets my mind of what is going on you know. Unless of  course I notice that they are busy and may not want to talk then I listen to my Ipod

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Global warming- Myth Or Truth

The Discovery of Global Warming

It is not a myth, it is a fact

OK, it is time I finished this article, because we are seriously in trouble. So in the last 4-5 Years we have had major changes in weather. I don’t know if anyone has been paying attention. But like the fact that we have very little snow which is needed to kill off the old and bring in the new and this why we have been invaded by ants, and stink bugs and the ticks were high this year to. We have had very little rain up until this year, and as much as we have had the streams, rivers and lakes and more… are still losing water or are dried up. Within this time frame NY has never had Tornadoes, and now we are getting more than our fair share of Tornadoes now. We even had a few Earthquakes to at the rate of 7.5 – 8 on the Richter scale but these happened like 4-8 years ago. We have barely had Spring for the last for years and we had our heat on until June of this year and even a couple of summers we have missed to. but now we are getting down in the 40’s at night and even getting cold by the day.

The Antarctic and Arctic Ocean are melting fast, Animals are trying to find food, and a home to live because of the changes. If the Ice caps melt you do know that NYC will be underwater right. And because I said this is my biggest article, I have some pictures I will post later, but I wanted to mention that 2 times in 2 years I have seen an Aurora color in the in the sky. I thought that only happens in North Pole, but apparently not. The first one had some colors in it but couldn’t get a good spot to stop and get the photo, but I did get the second one that I just saw this week. Another odd thing about 3 months I noticed something odd and it had been aligned with the North Star for 2 weeks straight in the same spot every night and I did get a shot of what turned to be Saturn aligned with the North Star. More hurricanes than ever before out of  nowhere. Please people we really need to try to fix this because if we don’t we will have nothing. We can do our part in this if we really want to, and if not think about your kids. Trees are peeling like bananas because they don’t have enough water. The deer are eating out of garbage cans and coming in to Rural and Urban areas to find food. A squirrel stole my stuffing out of my chair to make his nest. This can not be anymore explanatory than this, and I can go on but it would take a lot of time.

I just wanted to give you an idea of what is happening. Also when you through your garbage on the ground it does have an impact on the environment so think about that next time someone throws their garbage on the ground. I am also going to post a video I want you see to, made by a child in a contest on National Geographic. On that note I will end this here and hope I have said enough. Oh one more thing I need to mention, is that we are cutting way to many trees down,they are a huge impact on our planet, because not only do they protect the earth from flooding, they also protect the plants and animals to and they are 99% of our Oxygen we breathe. I saw a saying a child said, and it goes like this, “Trees are like our children, we take care of our children, so take care of our trees.” (Unknown)

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