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This is one subject that I have wanted to talk about for a while now and every time I start the article, I change directions to another topic. So I figure now it is time to get this out there.

So we all know that we pay Sales Tax, Local, State, Federal, Property, Leisure taxes and more… But you get the idea. Anyway the reason I wanted to bring this subject up is because like for example, our town wants to raise property taxes and they have taken away our Village Police Dept. But the one thing that bugs me is that in their eyes, the president’s eyes and government’s eyes and whoever else there is to include, they say that there is no budget for anything, so that is why they are raising property taxes…

Now according to what is paid out of all these taxes we pay, and there seems to be no money, then where is it going to is what I want to know. All these taxes we pay for are used for supporting towns, villages and more they are used to fix roads, bridges and more. They are used for services, and Medicaid / Medicare, and a lot of other things . So I was thinking about how they keep raising all the taxes, but what they don’t realize is that our economy can not afford anything as it is now, so is it really the answer to raise taxes, when we can’t afford to take care of what we have now. This also makes it very hard and is one reason why people lose their homes to foreclosures. Raising taxes isn’t the answer but I have come up with an idea that might work, and if I could get this idea across to the president and whoever else I can reach with this idea it might work and save us from hardship.

Now we all know that there are budgets for everything right, like roads, schools, libraries, and more. I don’t want to name all of them it would be way to long, but what if they were to take the money for the budgets of each and every one of these facilities and put it into to an escrow account, and that way the money is not only there, but it also grows at the same time, and then all they have to do is make sure that in the escrow stipulations is to make sure that the money can be used with no penalties if needed . that way it is a win-win situation right . I mean doesn’t that make more sense.

See unlike my town, they want to raise property taxes, but for what they don’t do anything for the town. Lie the crime, garbage, police department and more.  We as a nation need to speak up, we have freedom of speech and no one will speak but if we don’t they will win in the end. where does the ends justify the means. We are in trouble so why not lets just raise everything so we can get more money to spend, Oh I forgot there is no money to spend. So where the ???? is it going to, is what I would like to know.