A motorcycle crashed a Honda City sedan car

This is what happens when you drive recklessly

Now I don’t have anything against anyone who can drive, but when it comes to people who drive like maniacs I do not feel sorry for them, whether it be a motorcycle, car or other vehicle. Now, I have to say this I have seen people on motorcycles do some crazy things.

Like how when they are driving down the road and they go through the middle of traffic, what happens if a car tries to come into another lane or they open the door. Or they go around you where there is no lane at all, and drive like Evil Knieval, with motorcycle up in the air or swinging left to right on the motorcycle like it is a toy.

Well little advice it isn’t a toy, and it isn’t safe either. So no matter what you are driving,it isn’t a game. Being reckless not only kills people, but you could get killed to. I have seen so many motorcycles in one week do stupid things and I just don’t understand it all. Yes and cars to. I agree. So while you are driving whatever vehicle you are driving, think about your life,and how important it is, or even your families, and kids to. If you can’t live for you, then you obviously don’t care to live for your families to, because in all perspective that is what you are showing your kids, and saying, ”Hey if they can do it why can’t I do it”.

So please think about that when you are driving crazy out there, because you only get one chance at life. See now out of how many of these accidents was the driver or other person at fault. But still either way that is way to high a rate for motorcycle/car accidents