Marriage (Photo credit: Lel4nd)

So I know I am working on some other topics, but this one was another story that I just had to share with you because this story was very inspiring to me. I hope it will for you to. Now, I know that divorce is the hardest thing to go through, especially after being married for so many years. But after you here this story, you might see it a little differently. Or I at least hope this will help.

I was watching Insider Edition which I usually don’t watch stuff like that but this story really intrigued my interest. Anyway, we all know how most divorces end up messy, and everyone goes their separate ways. Well this story is different.

The story is about a man and a women who get married and they are married for 10 Yrs., and one day they just up and decided they wanted a divorce, and so they did, but the mother-In Law and daughter-In law stayed friends.

One day the mother-law found out she had Renal Kidney failure and had to go on the dialysis machine. Well lo and behold her daughter in law decided she was going to help her and when she went to the hospital, she found out she was the perfect match for her, and she is alive today because of her.

Her husband couldn’t believe she would actually help his mother like that and didn’t even know what to think or say.

So the moral of the story here is that she was sent to that family for a reason, and I believe that she was his mothers angel, watching over her, and that is why she was where she was when his mother got sick. She was able to save a person’s life and didn’t think twice about doing it either.

Now I am sorry they got a divorce, but something good did come out of all this. So if any of you have had a divorce, look back and see if anything good came out of what you had while you were married, and no it doesn’t have to be saving a life it can be anything at all. So this is a valuable lesson, that even for me means that even though things don’t always work out. Sometimes something else good will come out of it and we all learn something new.