Susan’s Garden

So I started working on some more photos yesterday for my book. While I was working on them, I have learned some new things from playing around with my photos.
So! You know when you take a Landscape or Portrait photo, and you find that the picture is either sideways, or upside down, (Joking) LOL, if that really happens. Anyway, I had some photos to rotate and found that you can actually leave them that way or rotate it more and will still look good. For example, I took a Landscape shot of some flowers, and had to rotate them, but instead of rotating to portrait, I rotated them to the left and they still look pretty good. I also learned that you can’t always get away with cropping photos, otherwise you kill the mood and the setting on the shot, so that varies on the photo. I have to admit my software Microsoft Digital Image is a great program and best investment I made to.
Here is an example of a photo I rotated the opposite of the shot I took in Landscape view. I rotated it twice to the left.