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Birthday Quote … off A Christmas Movie called (Twice Upon A Christmas)


Angels From Above

Angels From Above

“You should always celebrate your birthday, it’s such an important day. It reminds us of a miracle each one of us is. All the special things that come together, that make you, you! It has nothing to do with how old you are, it’s about how wonderful life is.


Catching Up Again

I took this photo Ringwood Manor's Garden

I took this photo at Ringwood Manor’s Garden

I know it has been awhile since I have been on my blog. So I am not only trying to visit everyone’s blog and while I am doing that, I am finding that some of my followers either moved or don’t blog anymore. So I am cleaning house at the same time. When I visit their blog the page is empty, so I don’t think anyone wants to go to an empty blog right.

I forgot to mention that I will be off my blog for two days, it’s my birthday and my sister made special plans for us. From August 6th to 7th. I will see everyone when I get back.

So as you know I am back. One of my followers from quirkybooks asked me what I did for my birthday. Well my sister planned the best birthday present ever. It was a day at the spa, with a hot mineral bath, massage, steam room. Then we went to lunch. She made a delicious homemade birthday cake . The next day went clothes shopping and got a new wardrobe from Peter Harris Clothes –

This store is a lot like a marshalls store, with very good prices on everything.

Twice Upon A Christmas

Birthday CakeI know it’s not Christmas yet, but I had to share this quote that I heard while I was watching this movie. This quote is for all who don’t like to celebrate your birthday.

“ You should always celebrate your birthday, it’s such an important day. It reminds us of a miracle each one of us is. All the special things that came together, that make you, you! It has nothing to do with how old you are, it’s about how wonderful life is.”

(Unknown Author)


Birthday’s Only Come Once

English: miracles - by Remi0o

So I was watching the movie Twice Upon A Christmas, when a quote was made about birthday’s and I thought it was a great quote. So I wanted to share it with everyone.
So it goes like this, “You should always celebrate your birthday, it’s such an important day. It reminds us of a miracle each one of us is. All the special things that make you, you. It has nothing to do with how old you are. It’s about how wonderful life is.” I think this kind fits the other post about the bumper sticker . Please Note (Author Unknown)

Teens and Pregnancy- What Should we do.

English: Brother and sister sitting in flowers

English: Brother and sister sitting in flowers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I am going off my other topic for now because I wanted to blog about this before I forget. I don’t remember the program but I was watching it with my friend at her house and while I was watching this program, which by the way I never saw till last night for the first time. I had an inspiring idea. It hit me when they mention this girl was pregnant at 14. So anyway I mentioned to my friend that there should be couples out there willing to raise the baby and let the mother be part of their life if that is what they wish to do, and no sooner did I mention that and this girl showed this album to this woman and said that she wanted this family to take her baby and the family did. She gets to see her baby and the baby is being raised in a healthy environment. Kids are a precious thing. Don’t just have kids because you want to have them, have kids because you want to have kids, it isn’t just to fill a void.

See now if we had more people in this world like that couple,then this world would be in a better place. The problem is that, and I know people don’t want to hear this, is that parents don’t want to see their kids get caught in that situation but it happens. The only thing you can do is be there for them and help them through. This is one reason why kids do what they do. Ever here of the laws of attraction where if you do one thing and something different happens. Well it is the same with saying yes to a child they do the opposite of what they are told and no is the same way.

I was young when I got pregnant, it was my sister’s graduation party at our house, I wasn’t feeling right and when I went to the doctor he told me I was 4 1/2 months pregnant and yes I was that 99.9% on the birth control pill and I had my ??? up till then. Anyway we were all sitting at the dinner table and my father said to me “ Is it my imagination , or are your ? getting bigger?”, well I nearly fell off the chair and then he disowned me when he found out I was pregnant.

Please that is not the answer to how you handle these situations or any situation with a child. The reason why kids do what they do is because 1) they are afraid to talk to you for fear what you would say or think. 2) If they feel like they have nowhere to turn, they will be backed in a corner and that is not a good place for a child to be. They need guidance and to know there is someone they can talk to and trust that they will not be judged no matter what. Remember the advice you give your kids is the same advice your parents gave to you and look at my Example 4 kids later one right after the other.

Oh yes that is right, I was born 1963, my sister 64, my brother 67, and my sister 68, and the kicker which I never knew was that every year I could never remember how old I was because what is odd that I was born Aug 6,63 and my sister was born June 30, 64, so we are 2 months apart in Birthday’s and we are the same age for 2 months, but we are 10 months apart and that is called (Irish twins), So please pay attention to your children, be there for them no matter what, that is all they want from you, plus to know that you love them unconditionally.I know this might be a touchy subject but, this issue needs to be addressed because there are way to many pregnant teens out there. Besides if you did decide to do like my father did, what are the chances your child would know how to survive and be able to resort to a place to stay. You don’t them on the street like the homeless.

Our Birthday

Sunset Reflection  - Best viewed in large

Our Birthday.

my wish list

christmas 2007

Christmas is my Favorite time of year

Christmas 2007

My Christmas wishes

**I wish for a better car – 49th Birthday wish came true
I wish for a new house
I wish for a nice vacation
I wish for a nice boyfriend and husband one day
**I wish for a better career in my degree- Well maybe a career, and a possible job to, keep your fingers crossed, should know by tomorrow or Monday
I wish for snow for Christmas
I wish for me to be able to STOP SMOKING?
Well my 1st wish came true, I was able to trade my car in for a better car on my 49th Birthday. So I will work on this wish 1st and then I will work on my next wish, looks like another wish will come true

Cover of "I Wish"

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