The Best State Senator

In Memory Of Thomas Morahan

Before Thomas Morahan passed away, I received a letter addressed from him dated May 7, 2010, mention of Lower Hudson Valley residents concerned about the process of policy formation. We also question the timely manner of forming a consensus as to who is the head of the New York State Senate. So what occurred at that time was that the NY State Senate was the focus of attention,during which time upper chamber of the legislature was in question. On June 8, 2009 Minority lawmakers joined two majority Senators to elect a new Senate Majority Leader in hopes that they will follow a different path then the previous leader from Jan to June of 2009. Promises included a legislative body with more openness, accountability, and transparency.Thomas Morahan objected to (raising taxes, cuts to health and unaccountable allocations of Fed Stimulus Monies, along with post budget adoption of the MTA payroll tax. On June 8th a new bipartisan coalition passed new rules for the senate to create an open bipartisan, transparent and member driven body. After weeks of dispute it was resolved and some new rule changes were adopted to permit greater openness and accessibility in the Chamber.

So, In Memory of a great State Senator Thomas Morahan,a man who has done so much for us, as a Senator. We need more honest people like him.