I agree with this, because it took me such a long time to realize that other people were trying to tell me what was good for me, or not good for me. They would tell me to do something or not to do something. But then I realized that I am old enough to make my own decisions, so why are they making them for me. I got to tell you this though, I felt like I was being held down and I was not allowed to make a move without asking permission. That’s like being a prisoner to everyone else but yourself.




But just a little note, sometimes listening to others is a good thing, but when it affects you making your own decision, then we need to choose between what believe and not what they tell you. Here we go again, giving better advice to others, and need to follow my own advice to right. LOL





Hi everyone

It’s important not to live your life by others, live it by what you believe is right for you.

Plenty of people will try to tell you what job you should be doing and how you should live your life. From now on, you must take control.

Redundancy can make you feel out of control and the way to get it back is for you to take ownership of the situation. Establish your needs and wants right now and in the future. Make a plan on paper about how you are going to get these needs me. Then, you need to start taking action. Write down each day and week, exactly what your goals are. At the end of that day or week, tick off what you have achieved or carry it forward to the next day or week until you have accomplished it. You should have 5 lists:

  1. Emotional…

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