I took this photo Ringwood Manor's Garden

I took this photo at Ringwood Manor’s Garden

I know it has been awhile since I have been on my blog. So I am not only trying to visit everyone’s blog and while I am doing that, I am finding that some of my followers either moved or don’t blog anymore. So I am cleaning house at the same time. When I visit their blog the page is empty, so I don’t think anyone wants to go to an empty blog right.

I forgot to mention that I will be off my blog for two days, it’s my birthday and my sister made special plans for us. From August 6th to 7th. I will see everyone when I get back.

So as you know I am back. One of my followers from quirkybooks asked me what I did for my birthday. Well my sister planned the best birthday present ever. It was a day at the spa, with a hot mineral bath, massage, steam room. Then we went to lunch. She made a delicious homemade birthday cake . The next day went clothes shopping and got a new wardrobe from Peter Harris Clothes –  http://www.peterharrisclothes.com/.

This store is a lot like a marshalls store, with very good prices on everything.