That place is amazing. OK, a new place to add to my to-do list of places I want to go

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Riga, the capital of Latvia.

I awaken (ideally it would have been a little bit later, more like 10 a.m.), and come down to the café on the ground floor of the hotel. They prepare an excellent cappuccino. Latvia is the second country in the world where you always get a good coffee; the first is Italy. I turn on my tablet PC (free Wi-Fi is everywhere), check my mailbox, Google+, websites, and blog. I place comments on one or another, and write down some of my impressions of the art-quarter of Riga with its Art Nouveau buildings visited yesterday.

It’s time for a second breakfast. Then I walk along the pavement of Riga’s old, quiet streets. I am just spending my time, having a calm relaxing rest. One more café. I come in and take some sweet things. Coffee, liqueurs–Moka, Vana Tallinn, Riga Balsam or Black Balsam–everything is great. A cat “came in”…

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