It’s amazing how many new birds are showing up in places you would not think you would find there. Even here in NY I have seen four new birds but can’t get that one new bird to sit still long enough for me to get a shot of him. The bird looks like this bird but when he is sitting all you see is his yellow color and the black is under his wings, that you can see when he flies. The bird looks like a butterfly when he flies, until he sits still. This is another one, and I do actually have a photo of him, but I have to get hit off my camera

Stephen G Hipperson


Whoopee!  New garden tick – well it flew the garden into a field where the farmer has been harvesting spuds.  I’m pretty sure this is a Ring-necked Parrot (I’m happy to be corrected on that). Common-ish down South in the UK but not so many up here in Yorkshire, though they have been seen.


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