squirrel eating from bird feeder


Watch out for those crazy Squirrels. They not only eat metal, they also steal stuffing out of your outside chairs. This is a true story to. When my cat Rascal was alive, him and his brother were perched on the window sill, and all of a sudden their ears perked up like they had seen something and they started running around the house like crazy. So what happened was, I have two bird feeders, one for the squirrels and one for the birds because the squirrels beat up the bird feeders till there no good anymore. The bird feeder for the Squirrels was wood, and the one for the birds was metal. When I went out to see what was going on, the squirrel had literally chewed through the metal to get at the bird food and got stuck in there with his tail hanging out of the cage and his whole body inside the cage, and because he was trying to fight his way out of the bird feeder, it fell of the tree. So naturally I had to put gloves on and call my neighbor to help me save this poor squirrel. I did save him. Then the next day I see this squirrel carrying white stuff in his mouth, up the side of the building on the vines that grow there. I was like what is that he has in his mouth, there is no snow on the ground. Till I looked at my porch chair, that he had literally taken the stuffing out of the whole top of the chair. I was like this is what I get for feeding and saving your but!!!  By the way I don’t think there are any squirrel resistant bird feeders from my experience anyway.












Stephen G Hipperson


Oh, yes I will!  …. I’m sure this defensive strategy must be the undoing of many a squirrel – but not enough to keep the practice out of the gene pool.

I haven’t seen a squirrel in the garden for a few months now, so, while it’s a pleasure to seem them, I’ll have to keep an on on the bird feeder because these critters can empty it faster than anything else.


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