National Geographic (magazine)

National Geographic (magazine) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sorry to bring this subject up. So I wanted to share something that I read in National Geographic Magazine. We all know that National Geographic is a well-recognized magazine, and it’s also one of my favorite magazines. This article was written to show that humans can make mistakes’


So according to 1942 Geographer Gilbert F White “ Floods are an act of God.’ But flood loses are largely Acts of man.” Also National Geographic staff Joel K. Bourne, Jr. states that “ The Sinking City not only faces Rising  Seas, Stronger Hurricanes, protected by Diminished Wetlands and Defective Levees. Yet people still rebuild in Harms Way.” Now Robert Giegengack (University Of Pennsylvania) states that “ lack The Capacity To Protect new Orleans”


Now here is where the article gets really interesting. “Hurricane Katrina was the costliest disaster we had and was considered a warning shot. Yet experts say more of these are inevitable, and massive and endless efforts to prevent it.” They also state that “Louisiana sits at the lowest spot in the United States and that Louisiana already sits 17 feet under water, and continues to sink by up to an inch a year.” “ Dams and levees built to protect Louisiana have starved the Delta Downstream of sediments and nutrients, causing wetlands that protected the city against flooding and storms to sink beneath sea level causing loss of 1900 square miles of coastal lands since 1930’s.”  “Hurricane Rita took 217 square miles.”


Global warming is raising the Gulf  faster since the last ice age and sea level can raise several feet by the next century and hurricanes may draw more energy from warming seas and become stronger and more frequent .” And the cities defenses are down. There is a map included with the article that shows how much of Louisiana is under water and the lives that are still at risk.


Here is where they explain why New Orleans is a man-made mistake, and according to the article it started back in the 1700’s. Hemingway made a statement about Paris, and he said” If Paris is a moveable feast, than New Orleans has always been a floating one.”


In 1718 Le Moyne, Sieur de Bienville, “had to wait to put the French Flag up, and floods destroyed the village a year after he founded it.” Hurricanes wiped it off the map again in 1722, and in 289 year history, hurricanes and river floods have put the city under 27 times.” In 1900, a brilliant man named A. Baldwin Wood came up with an idea to put 14 feet in diameter, massive pumps used to drain the great cypress and this caused the metropolis to spill north, swamps dried up, shrank and compacted below sea level, causing lower neighborhoods to flood.”


“Now the tragedy of Katrina was a hard lesson learned and those earlier storm were totally forgotten.” In 1927 the Mississippi River flooded again. Now Gilbert F. White realized after what happened in 1927, he wrote in 1942, Floods are ‘acts of God,’ but flood losses are acts of man.”  In 1965 Hurricane Betsy hit,destroying the city.


John S. Hoffman of the Environmental Protection Agency states that “rising sea level due to global warming by 2100, has projected sea levels could rise at least 2 feet, more likely 3.7 and as high as 12.7 feet.


You know we were always taught that we learn from our mistakes, but in this case , obviously not true in this case. You would think after trying the same thing over and expecting results, you would realize that it didn’t work. no matter how many times you have tried it. N


Now, I can understand that is where your homes, but how many times are you going to suffer through, and not get it, to relocate . They same a home is a home, but they also say home is where the heart is and you can bring your heart to a safer place to live instead of suffering.