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Really Bad Night Tonight

You caught me yawning-Rascal

You caught me yawning-Rascal

I am sitting here tonight in severe pain, where I can barely feel my legs and feet they are in so much pain, numb, and swollen, along with everything else. So I decided to research my injuries and what I was told I had and it fits to a tee, exactly what I am going through. I printed it, so I can show my doctor on Tuesday. I found the information on this website through I knew I wasn’t going crazy. Gee, and Workman’s Comp wanted me to settle, are they joking. Well, I am certainly not laughing at all.


Photography 101- Who Would Of Known

Susan’s Garden

So I started working on some more photos yesterday for my book. While I was working on them, I have learned some new things from playing around with my photos.
So! You know when you take a Landscape or Portrait photo, and you find that the picture is either sideways, or upside down, (Joking) LOL, if that really happens. Anyway, I had some photos to rotate and found that you can actually leave them that way or rotate it more and will still look good. For example, I took a Landscape shot of some flowers, and had to rotate them, but instead of rotating to portrait, I rotated them to the left and they still look pretty good. I also learned that you can’t always get away with cropping photos, otherwise you kill the mood and the setting on the shot, so that varies on the photo. I have to admit my software Microsoft Digital Image is a great program and best investment I made to.
Here is an example of a photo I rotated the opposite of the shot I took in Landscape view. I rotated it twice to the left.

Check This Out!

Water dropping from a tap.

Water dropping from a tap. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First of all I don’t know how she thinks that water is a public right to steal it. Water is free when it is in its natural habitat, then they take it, bottle it, and sell for more than it is worth (free). Secondly, I don’t know how she thinks that water will fill back up naturally by itself, when, even as much rain that we have had the streams and rivers are still either dry, or low, and even the lakes are losing water to. Is this what they literally call corporate greed. We can buy a Brita water filter and put water in it and it costs less than what we pay to buy a bottle of water, and makes for less garbage to. Then she says that she is paying all these costs to distribute the water to sell, when in fact the water is still free no matter how you look at it. So basically we are paying almost the same amount that she states they pay to bottle the water at 3.71 cents. Now how do we see this as either being fair or good. They keep doing this and there will not be any water left at all, and wont need to worry about production, storage and any other cost for them to distribute water. Tap water is free, all you have to do is pay your water bill. So, to figure in the cost of a bottle of water, take the price of the water and add that to equal your water bill and see how many bottles of water you get compared to free tap water. So, for example a big bottle of water here is anywhere from $1.49-$2.00 and a small bottle is $.99 cents plus tax depending on whether they have it on sale. So let’s take 1.49 cents and I will use an example of my water bill which is usually 12$- 20$ every 3 months, depending. So how many bottles would you have bought in 3 months compared to having your free water at home and only paying to use it every 3 months when the water bill comes in. Now, at least here where I live it is every 3 months.

So Nestle, all I have to say is no matter what you say or how you say it, it all boils down to that drinking tap water is a lot cheaper than buying water that is free until you steal it and sell it for more than it is worth.

I will say one thing, you go girl, she is one tough cookie this girl, who did the interview . Maybe if we stop buying the water, they might think twice about stealing it, and selling it. By the way, I want to leave you with this little tidbit for Nestle. Now she mentioned in the interview about recycling the bottles.  Well, the only recycling most people do, is throwing their bottles on the ground instead of the garbage, so you are not only trying to promote water, you are definitely promoting littering while you’re at it.

I told you, I shouldn’t have gotten started on this conversation, because I will speak my mind.

Malaysia – Walk up to the Batu Caves (2)

It looks absolutely fabulous

Outlook in Life

Welcome back and following me on my walk up to Batu Caves.

Below is the the statue of Lord Murugan, found at the entrance of the steps; stands at 40m tall which is considered as the tallest statue of Lord Murugan in the world. This massive statue is a master piece of Indian sculptors.


A shot right under the statue.


The stairs up to Batu Caves…..


Some people also come here to exercise especially in the morning and evening to walk and down the stairs.


Did you manage to catch a glimpse of the monkeys?


Right at the top of the stairs; 272 steps!!


.. entrance of the cave


Interior of  the caves.


Follow me into Batu Caves in my next post. =)

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Colours at sunrise.

5 Ways States Are Screwing the Poor By Making Welfare Almost Impossible to Get

Seal of the United States Social Security Admi...

Well, this is a tough topic, and I actually agree with it, because there are people out there that use the Welfare system and take advantage of it. Like the fact that most of them can go to work, but they choose not to, and the have kids, like it is a game to see who can have the most kids. Then I believe the people who need Welfare can’t get it because of everyone else who abuse the system. I tried to get Welfare they turned me down, I tried to get Medicaid, they said I made too much money on Workman’s comp, but I finally got it. I got turned down for Social Security three times because they said I was not disabled, but finally came through. So because people abuse the system, it ruins it for the rest of us who actually need it.

Just The Messenger

By Sheila Bapat, AlterNet

TANF (Temporary Assistance To Needy Families) doesn’t recognize the real world people live in.


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Building Memories, Cards and Recipes

That is so sweet for her to send that nice card to Al, I am sure it made his day. Terry did you try what I mentioned to you about the system for him, I wanted to see how it was going ,


Who I am

Al's cards 3I picked up this envelope in the mail today. It said it was from Valerie L. It was addressed to Al. When he got home I handed it to him. It took him fifteen minutes to open it but he did it. There was a very pretty card and two magnets, one for him and one for me. Thank-you so much Valerie. He really liked it and the magnets are adorable.

I sound like a broken record but once again if anyone wants to send Al a card just write to me at

for address.

I got a couple of recipes off of my Facebook friends this week. Since Al has struggled so much with pain I decided that I can’t take the pain a way, but I can keep his belly full. The two recipes I am going to make are really good-looking to me. I thought…

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