Well if there was overcast. I still think it is an amazing shot.


It was back to the Webb Bridge at the Docklands on Wednesday with my photography buddy.  She lost all her photos from the last visit and I wasn’t totally happy with what I got, so we thought we would go back.

We got there before Sunset, but it was so overcast, really overcast and so we spent the time that the sun was going down having hot chocolate, tea and sharing a burger.  Then we waited until it was almost dark and headed over to the bridge.

LeanneCole-webb-6865The sky still had some colour in it, though not for long.  Look at how wonderfully the bridge lights up.  We were lucky and seemed to score another almost windless evening.


One of the lovely things about an almost windless evening means reflections in the water.  This one wasn’t great, but there is more.


It was like getting two for one.  It was…

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