That place so beautiful


This morning I drove back to the Bluestone that belongs to Deaf Children Australia on St Kilda Road to take more photos.  I have concentrated on taking photos of the inside, but today, it was a gorgeous day, so I went over to take some of the actual Bluestone.

Leanne Cole - Bluestone

This is the view as you come up the driveway and before you enter the circular drive. Autumn is nearly over and many of the trees have or are still losing their leaves.  It looks so impressive.  It is a great driveway to go up to a building.  Though you can’t really drive up it now as it is blocked off.

Stan BatsonI took many photos around it and will show you more over the coming weeks.  Today I am going to attempt to attach a PDF file that contains a story for you to read that was written by an ex…

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