That place is so amazing,


There are more film clips today, however, I have chosen ones that don’t have much talking and they run for a very short time.  It seems there was something I forgot about when I put the clips up, how will deaf people hear them.  Such a silly mistake and I would like to apologise to the deaf community for that.  At this stage, I can’t get captions or subtitles for them, but we are working into it.  So, as I said, the clips for today are very short and don’t have a lot to say.

Leanne Cole - The BluestoneI took the above image a few weeks ago.  It is easier to take photos of the building for Deaf Children Australia now that it is winter here.  The trees have lost their leaves, and through the bare branches you can see the building.

Here are a couple of clips that were done the same…

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