Bagni di Lucca and Beyond

When most people think of Italy I’m sure one of the first things that comes to mind is a long table groaning with food under an ancient olive tree, or in a beautiful vineyard, with happy people eating and drinking into the late afternoon. This is just what we did on Sunday…and it was good.

Fattoria del Teso is in Montecarlo, near Lucca. As we drove into the lovely driveway we could see the hilltop centre of Montecarlo in the distance.



A flock of egrets decided to visit the vineyard at the same time as us.


The Montecarlo area has been known for vineyards and wine production since the time of the Romans. In fact it was called Vivinaia until 1333 when it was renamed. Fattoria del Teso has been spoken of since the middle ages, but since 1970 it has been extensively modernized and uses the latest techniques…

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