Leanne I love your photography very much. Your very talented


Recently when I was watching something on CreativeLIVE the person said you shouldn’t call them photo shoots, you should say the word session.  I have been trying to do that more and more. I don’t know if you have noticed.

Something else I thought I might do is show you all the final images of Lara.  It has been my successful session so far.  I managed to get 11 finished images from it.  I think, because I was a lot more organised and knew what I was hoping to get, it went a lot smoother.

Leanne Cole - Taking a Look Back

It was the first time I used the new skirts I had made and the cloak I purchased.  They were really successful in that Lara really wanted to wear them and seemed very willing to do what I asked.  I do think she loved those skirts.  I suspect they will be used a lot, though…

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