I agree with you Leanne. Have you tried it yet, or you’re not sure you want to try it.


I have been watching a show on CreativeLIVE and they have been looking at things on Photoshop, creative stuff.  Part of what they are showing is making a photograph a painting, or making it a drawing.  I have never been a fan of that.  I think it is because if I wanted a photograph to be turned into a drawing then I would draw it, I would be photographing it, well, I would initially, but then I would do a drawing.  The same with a painting, if I wanted an image to look like a painting, I would do a painting.  Hey that is just me.  I am lucky, I can do those things.

It does however lend itself to something and because of those things it did get me thinking.  Though it isn’t a new thought, but I have been wondering for a while, if it would be possible…

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