This post isn’t about the beach, sorry, but I haven’t had time to process the photos yet.  Instead I have some photos I took last weekend.  On Saturday, last weekend, one daughter wanted some driving practice and the other wanted a road trip.  So we went for a drive up to Mount Dandenong, to Skyhigh.  Skyhigh is a outlook and you can view Melbourne, here take a look.

Skyhigh - 1When we got there it was overcast and the sun was breaking through the clouds and creating the rays over the suburbs.  The city is where all the tall buildings are on the left.  It was quite surreal and amazing to watch, but it didn’t come out very well in the photos.  This is probably among the best.

Skyhigh - 2It took a while for all the lights to come on, but the overcast sky also meant no real sunset.  It was a shame…

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