The wonderful photos in this piece are from Zok Pavlovic and are to be used only expressly with his permission.

One of my constant challenges, when interacting with Westerners about Afghanistan, has been the ever-present challenge of transportation.  In the past, Afghanistan strategic presence has been based on transportation infrastructure.  Once it was a key portion of the Silk Road from China to The West.  Then, during the “Great Game” years, it was perceived as the gateway to warm water ports by Imperial Russia and later the Soviet Union.

Today, Afghanistan is challenged by its radically compartmentalized terrain.  Many parts of Afghanistan are only accessible during good weather, or the mountainous nature of much of the country makes it practically inaccessible regardless of weather.  ISAF and GIRoA are trying to deal with this issue by the construction of a series of transportation infrastructure projects, to include the construction of a…

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