Dinner served. As long as it doesn’t have mushrooms, that dish looks really delicious


It is undoubted that Filipinos love to eat. There’s a Filipino joke that when you are left in the kitchen, you will become fat. Well, it’s somehow true, some Filipinos who love to cook also love to eat, and my mother is a living proof. I love to eat but I’m not that big like my mom. Haha. Anyway, It inspires me to see my mom cook, actually. Everyday she makes different dishes, and they’re absolutely delicious. Sometimes when we lack budget for food, she still makes sure that the food is delicious even if the ingredients are incomplete. That’s when I start to realize that cooking isn’t really hard at all, It’s completing the ingredients that makes it hard.

What I realized with Filipino food is that it has lots of ingredients, and also has a long process of cooking. It also consumes the whole kitchen as I observe…

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