OK, I admit it. I started to get really pissed about all the rain and clouds we were getting. No matter how much I had declared that I would be happy with cold and rain as an escape from the 40C+/100F+ sweltering dusty heat we were having in Laos, four days of rain and more rain into our six day campervan tour was getting to be too much for me to accept gracefully. I was done with it (aren’t you?).

(In case you are bored with my rainy posts and want to stop here, spoil alert: there is sunshine at the end of this post…ssshhhhhh.)

During this next leg into our rainy journey I was unimpressed by most of it. I was not impressed by how commercial and crowded Queenstown was. I barely wanted to stop there for our grocery run before we dashed 20km outside of town to camp…

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