Afghanistan is a very rich country, in terms of it’s archeological past. The remains of multiple empires and the detritus that accumulates for being such an important trade route are evident every where you look.  I would venture that if one would dig a hole in any inhabited area in Afghanistan, you would discover historic and pre-historic artifacts of great value.

However, it violates both Afghan and US law to take, buy or otherwise acquire such artifacts and attempt to leave the country with them.  According to the CENTCOM Website: 

CENTCOM’s Historical/Cultural Advisory Group defines antiquities as “all artistic relics and monuments, moveable or immoveable, made before 1748, including all articles of historic or prehistoric value and any natural objects modified by human agency prior to the above date.”[i]  United States’ law and General Order 1A applies to all Afghan laws concerning antiquities and cultural artifacts. [i] Islamic State…

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