I feel like I have done some really heavy posts this week and I am a bit tired, so today two new images.

Leanne Cole - Ready to Face the WolfAnother interpretation of Red Riding Hood coming out of the wood.  I told her that I wanted her to come out with confidence, she is going to Grandma’s house to fight.  I love the look on her face, she really does look like she isn’t going to take any crap from the wolf, he better look out.

Leanne Cole - PossessionThis one hasn’t worked.  I like the idea, but I didn’t think it through enough.  The hair didn’t work.  Oh well, it can’t all be perfect.

So I changed the colour on my website, and put a new banner on it, check it out www.leannecole.com.au and I changed the background colour of the blog, I wonder if anyone noticed.


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