Now I agree, A lot of people never take time to appreciate moments

Live to Write - Write to Live

My week carried me away recently. I knew my calendar was packed and I had writing to do, but I didn’t realize I’d gotten overwhelmed until I was out on one of my walks.

I try to walk 45 to 60 minutes a day to (somewhat) balance all the sitting in front of the screen that I do. While out on one walk last week I caught myself having some heavy sighs — those sighs, or exhales that accompany a sound.

My first thought was the humidity was causing me to breath heavy. Then I thought I was walking too fast (if that’s possible). But then the “ah ha’ hit me, as I had another loud exhale, that my mind wasn’t focused. Thoughts were flying all over the place and I wasn’t even paying attention to my route, nevermind to my breathing or anything in the world around me. My…

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