I agree with that. Everyone tells me that and they have no idea what I am going through with my injuries



Don’t tell us not to worry and don’t tell us it will be fine. Don’t tell us “you just know it will be ok” and don’t tell us not to stress out. Please don’t confuse our anxiety right now with desperation. Our anxiety appreciates your support over your pity.

We’ve been down this road, running this fucking MRI marathon, for more times than I can keep track of now. Counting them at this point only serves to give more teeth to the weighty beast on our shoulders.

So, yes, please ask questions. Yes, please tell us how you feel but don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. Be honest with us and be real. Tell us that you don’t know what to say and please, please, please, don’t tell us you understand unless you really do.

I have not been blunt with you. I have not been entirely honest with you. I have not come right out and…

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