Al, I have an idea. Have your sister put your toothbrush, razor and anything else you have to do, out.
For ex. lay toothbrush and razor on the sink and after you brush your teeth, put toothbrush back and then the same with the razor and anything else, like clothes and things, Try that. I hope it will help

Who I am

I have this issue going on so I want to ask for your advice. I also have some information for you also.

The first being Al. I am learning that the days are becoming a little more confusing for him. A good example is this morning. He brushed his teeth after breakfast. I then placed his electric razor in his hand and asked him if he would please try to shave and I would help if he needed it.

He said he already shaved. I said, “no, you just brushed your teeth.”

After a minute of trying to explain he was crying and arguing. I then took the razor and began to shave him. Then he wanted the shaver back and he tried it. It was like something clicked and he realized he hadn’t previously shaven.

This is one example of what is happening here. Last night is another good…

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