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I am not the type of person to stand idly by, but jump into situations with both feet; my solution for happiness is to be the participant, not the observer in life. While vacationing in a tiny town in New Hampshire this week,  this was made abundantly clear amidst fireworks, balloons and extremely festive spirits!  I had the pleasure of watching a small town 4th of July parade.  Unlike more prominent parades in major cites where the crowds line the city streets 4 or 5 deep, standing and straining to get a better view, in THIS town, the crowds WERE the parade! A few people, including myself, sat in camp chairs in the shade, but our numbers paled in comparison to the participants in the parade; community members who obviously enjoyed this tradition throughout their lives in this town.

It goes without saying that everyone was dressed festively in red, white and blue hats, t-shirts, dresses, bathing suits…

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