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Reflecting On Our Reality


I agree with that. Everyone tells me that and they have no idea what I am going through with my injuries



Don’t tell us not to worry and don’t tell us it will be fine. Don’t tell us “you just know it will be ok” and don’t tell us not to stress out. Please don’t confuse our anxiety right now with desperation. Our anxiety appreciates your support over your pity.

We’ve been down this road, running this fucking MRI marathon, for more times than I can keep track of now. Counting them at this point only serves to give more teeth to the weighty beast on our shoulders.

So, yes, please ask questions. Yes, please tell us how you feel but don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. Be honest with us and be real. Tell us that you don’t know what to say and please, please, please, don’t tell us you understand unless you really do.

I have not been blunt with you. I have not been entirely honest with you. I have not come right out and…

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Weighted Blanket of Motherhood

That is so adorable


In the early hours of the morning, I wake with an overwhelming weight upon me. Aside from the 80 pound lab that snuck into bed and is found sleeping on my legs, it’s the weight of motherhood and parenting that blankets and envelops me.

A seasoned veteran by now with three children, I’ve got years of experience under my belt and wisdom between my ears. Through days, weeks, months and years of accumulated battles, celebrations, successes and failures, I have earned some notches in my belt, yet I’m not sure how qualified I am.

This parenting gig is hard. As my children have grown and developed into multifaceted individuals, my job has become more complicated. Oh, how easy the babies are. Feed, sleep, poop… repeat and add some play.

We may or may not have different approaches to parenting but we all share in the daily march; questioning at each crossroad which…

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Tune In for a Cause: QVC’s Super Saturday 16 Benefits the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund

Christmas Gifts Handmade 2012

Snow Globes.jpgnice, there very interesting. You know I found this in ShopRite magazine,

how to make your old Christmas cards into tree ornaments


Weekly Photo Challenge

I have two sisters that I make gifts for each year.  These are the photo’s for this years gifts.  Readers Digest magazine Christmas Trees and Hand made ornaments out of magazines.  Please comment below if you home make your gifts?

2012 December x Mass 011

2012 December x Mass 015

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Photos for My friends

What a beautiful cat you have.

You caught me yawningI shot this picture of Rascal as he just woke up

Weekly Photo Challenge

Weekly photo challenge: Photo’s of Me and my cats, Laurie this is for YOU!


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Need Your Help Again

Al, I have an idea. Have your sister put your toothbrush, razor and anything else you have to do, out.
For ex. lay toothbrush and razor on the sink and after you brush your teeth, put toothbrush back and then the same with the razor and anything else, like clothes and things, Try that. I hope it will help

Who I am

I have this issue going on so I want to ask for your advice. I also have some information for you also.

The first being Al. I am learning that the days are becoming a little more confusing for him. A good example is this morning. He brushed his teeth after breakfast. I then placed his electric razor in his hand and asked him if he would please try to shave and I would help if he needed it.

He said he already shaved. I said, “no, you just brushed your teeth.”

After a minute of trying to explain he was crying and arguing. I then took the razor and began to shave him. Then he wanted the shaver back and he tried it. It was like something clicked and he realized he hadn’t previously shaven.

This is one example of what is happening here. Last night is another good…

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Al’s Card Update

I think this is great. That people are sending cards to Al.


Who I am

I have had a few ask about our address and I have sent the required information. Another blogger suggested a brilliant idea. Since Al is becoming confused and forgetful, sending a small photo of yourself or who ever is sending the card would be fantastic.

I am going to get a poster board and tack up all the cards and hopefully matching picture/photos beside each card.coca-cola-women-advertising-endorser-hilda-clark

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