You know when you see the world through your eyes, you see something most other people don’t see at all. And when I am looking at your world through my eyes, iIsee what you see. It is magical and amazing

The Urge To Wander

In an annual phenomenon unique to the region, the natural flow of the Tonle Sap river is reversed back into the lake of the same name, by the influx of the monsoon swollen Mekong into the South China Sea!

This expands the area of the lake several fold, making it the largest freshwater lake in South East Asia….for a while! And sustains the livelihoods of thousands of people living off its bounty in ‘floating’ villages.

Kompong Phluk, Cambodia

Chong Kneas is the most popular of the villages, owing to its proximity to Siem Reap. We chose to visit the farther and less touristy cluster of villages called Kompong Phluk – The Harbour of Tusks – to get a more authentic feel for the daily life of these denizens of the river. It involved an hours drive from Siem Reap, and a further half hour by boat to get there.

A floating village sounds…

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