i usually give better advice to everyone else, except myself. I know exactly what you are going through. people think they know the pain your going through, or they say it is all in your mind, don’t think about it. Well, I am sorry but that statement doesn’t fall true or a lot of people would be healed now wouldn’t they. You know, and that is all that counts, not what anyone else has to say

Lachlan + Cathy


When it comes to handing out bad advice, everyone’s an expert.

And, having lived with a chronic and complex illness for over eight years now, I’ve received more than my fair share of unwise — and usually unsolicited — counsel.

Here are some of my favourite pieces of wisdom.

1. Get a Job
For those not up to speed, I’ve not worked a job for over four years now. And in the four years prior, I only ever worked for a few months —often part time — before having to stop and take an extended period of time off to recover.

Since we came home from the US in 2011, I’ve been on the Disability Support Pension, which means the government recognises my inability to work, and gives me enough money to pay for my cable TV subscription, but not much else.

One person actually said to me a…

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