sleep (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

I have been wanting to blog about this for the longest time now, I want to talk about this topic because it is very important for people to understand that our subconscious is our thoughts and our dreams we have. Everyone dreams, but only some remember, and some don’t and where some have vivid dreams in color or black and white. Others just dream! I on the other hand have such vivid dreams, that I not only remember them they feel real like I am in them. For instance if you had a dream where you trip you feel your leg jerk, or if someone is chasing you, you sleep walk or jump. Believe me I know it is crazy but true.

There are 2 types of sleep and that is REM which is rapid movement and then there is NREM and that is non rapid eye movement and with that being said there are 4 stages of sleep which 3 are of NREM and 1 of REM . So the 1st stage is where you fall asleep, the second stage is where you go into deeper sleeping, and the 3rd stage is the slow wave sleep and the REM kicks in and this is where we have our dreams. It was very interesting to learn all this while I was in college in one of the elective courses I took.

I had this dream where I was in the desert and I saw three Arabs digging in the sand (no harm please don’t get upset) and I was standing there and then I looked up at the sun when a black bird flew across the sun, (just a note the next day was the day they banned my blog) and I will get to that because there is a moral to this story.

So I had to look the meaning of this dream up and when I di, this is what it said” So (desert) signifies a loss or misfortune), bareness, loneliness, isolation, deserted and left behind. The sand means a shift or change in your attitude, (the sands of time) wasting time and letting time go by, a sense of balance. Now the Sun means peace of mind, enlighten, tranquility, fortune goodwill and insight, it also represents radiant energy,. The sun is a good omen and it is also a metaphor for your son, which my son did finally make contact after 30 yrs., and also said that the represents some sort of pain and chaos occurring in my life. so I lost my blog, got back, my son made contact, and now I am in severe pain from my injuries and have to have surgery. So you see what I mean if you can learn to pay attention to your dreams they will tell you things. and last but not least I saw the Blackbird and that represents lack of motivation which I had lost because of all the pain I am in it can also represent jealousy, lust and temptation but not on my watch LOL!